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Key to a good relationship?

What do u think is the key to a strong relationship?

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Sep 10, 2004
I am a strong believer in communication being the secret to strong relationships.

If there's no communication, it's difficult to move forward huh, but then again u need trust as well, but I still think communication!
I put a mixture of all of the above. Though I agree Snowy communication what be the biggest part of the pie.
mixture of the above for me...
I have a brilliant relationships with David, in our nearly year of being together, we havent had a single fight, we went through a bit of a rough patch for about two weeks, but that has completely gone, and it was only due to lack of communication (gee, being in nz wouldnt cause that would it!?!?
Communication is a biggy but i think you need a bit of everything to stay happy

I struggle somtimes to talk don't know why

sooner text or write letters dont have to worry about peoples reactions

Feel like i have let alot off my chest since i started coming on gp

less stress on myself pass it to you lot instead lol

I remember my mum insisting that communication is the key to any good relationship (which would be why her and my dad are always saying I love you to eachother and to us kids too) so I put that, as I agree.

Trust is also a big one but not as much as communication. Friendship, I think, is better than love though.
i think love, communication and trust. there shouldnt be bad secrets-it destroys, if you cant talk to them you're sunk and its not a relationship more then friends without love lol.

i happened to click the null vote though... damn 12.54am...