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What colour is your hair?


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Sep 10, 2004
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Natural colour?
Colour at the moment?

Natural colour: Brown with natural hints of red
Colour at the moment: As above but with copper highlights in
Dark blonde gets lighter in summer

Used to dye my hair but i dont anymore used to do it light blonde look to much like a bimbo lol
No saying that all women with light blonde hair are bimbo's but i nevr used to be that girly so havng long hair is enuff for me

Mines a mid brown with some old goldy highlights I'm growing out. The sun also bleaches the ends that goldy colour.

Now that the greys are starting to appear
, I'm thinking of dying it. I like to put in raven red which is a wash out colour so I'll probably look around for a more permanent version of that.
I'm pretty boring, really. Just a dark brown. It's been steadily getting darker for a few years now, so for all I know I'll have black hair when I'm much older, heh.

And I don't dye my hair. I'm pretty darned happy with the way it is now.
naturally - yukky mousey dark blond/light brown

at the moment - dark blonde
(of the golden variety not yukky dull mousey brown)

I dye mine all the time, but mostly cos I need to hide the evidence of grey hair seeping thru

natural colour - sandy brown

then - blonde

next - dark brown with red
now - dark brown

sticking with this for a while
My natural colour is a light-medium brown.

There's currently 'natural black' colouring in it, but it's faded to more of a dark brown-ish colour.

I've decided that I'm going to try not dying it anymore, since I've found out about all the health risks.
Mine's light browny blonde now, Been growing my natural colour out
Can't be doing with getting it coloured all of the time

Plus with three kids don't get time to spend at hairdressers

Sorry did not see that I had already posted above DOH What was I saying about bimbo's