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Sep 12, 2004
New Zealand
I was just curious to see the kind of relationship you have with your parents.

My mum is always telling me, if I ever want to talk to her about Something (eg, problems), I can, there's no reason to feel that I can't talk to them, because some kids feel they can't.

But, really, I don't talk to them all that much about my problems. They aren't particularly good at the whole sympathy, pat-on-the-back-its-alright-it'll-turn-out-fine thing.

"Two of my friends are giving up on their friendship and I want to try fix things, get them to talk"
"Some things just can't be fixed, leave it be"
Oh, that's really what I wanted to hear.

I know it's cliche, but I honestly don't think they understand where I'm coming from on many things. Why I'd want to preserve my friendships or whatnot. I have no trouble telling them whether I'll be drinking or not though. They trust me and if I lose that, it'll be hard to get it back.


How bout you girls?
I'm really lucky, I have, and always have had a great relationship with both my parents.

They seemed to trust my judgement in things, I'm 25 (almost 26) And I've never been told to be home by a certain time, or that I wasn't allowed to go to a party, etc. Not quite sure how we managed that.

I guess it goes by the two-way bond of trust. Potty, maybe ur mum is a believer in things working themselves out, I would agree to a certain extent. But really u should do what u feel is best.... within reason of course. Ur mum is just looking out for u :)

In years to come u will see that! I know people probably tell u that all the time, but it's different when u are able to look back, u think to urself "THAT'S why they did that" ;)
Hehe, were you coming home at all hours or were you pretty responsible?

Yeah, I totally understand where they're coming from on most things and agree with them.

I don't need to be told to come home before dark or, if I do, to make sure I'm in a large group. I know I shouldn't spend so much time on the computer and I can see the reason behind doing my bit around the house - might as well make things easier for Mum.

They just never tell me what I want to hear. If I'm upset about something, instead of reassuring me about it, they tell me, I shouldn't worry about it because I'm getting too involved and it's not my problem to worry about (when it is in fact my problem they just don't see it that way).

I do talk to them and they encourage me to talk ("how was your day?"). I can go to them for many things but when I need a problem solved, they can't help me. When I need hugs and kisses, I can go to them (just to prove I love my parents :p) but talking about friends to them doesn't seem to work.

But oh my gosh, is that the time? I have to go back to studying!
I don't talk to my parenys AT ALL. They always find some way to embarrass the hell outta me... :cry:
But even i admit that there were good times too!
I don't tell them everything. But, I'm a really good kid, so there isn't anything to tell them.
same here. My parent hardly ever yell at me. Only when I get caught doing something bad. (swearing, flirting?, fighting, etc) Its really annoying. But they trust me atleast. And let me go out after dark and crap with my cousins.
I tell them pretty much everything....but I WILL NOT DIVULGE THE BOYFRIEND INFO! Well, not 100% true....I do tell MUM but no way in HELL would i tell Dad....he'd go "a hunting with the shotgun"...sorry bubs :wub: :grin: :lol:
yeah i talk to my dad more than my mum, as we always argue
:angry: and she is really over protective
me to, my mum is chained to my foot. *sighs*

My mum isn't the reasurring type, she is sorta....dunno how to explain it. Just not open to it.

But she is a good mum, and cares for me well.
i have never told them that i stoped eating when i ment to be going out with friends, and i cut my self and i also took over dose and hung my self
Oh hotchick... ::concern too::

This has all passed or are you still going through a hard time?

:console: We're here if you need to talk, hun :)
:eek: holy cow dude, are you okay? seriously this is what places like this are for, to talk and get worries of your chest
i dont really like ot tlak to my mum aboot anything... we're fire and water most of the time since we're both aquarius' and i dunno everytime i tell her something its liek you Jen NOT wot i want to hear or i jsut get more rules placed on me or all these lectures... i cant stand it.. i want support not the third degree!

Goddess hotchick are you alright? yer we're here for ya girl ;) :yes: