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Makin the Connection


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Sep 21, 2004
Are you psychic? do u have spirit contact or may be you do the old bit Tarot or have experinces yourself?

Well i would like to know!!!

I myself is Psychic, Medium.

I am Clairvoyant, Clairsentiant and Clairaudence which is Clear seeing,Hearing and Feeling.

So if there are Questions you would like to ask about spirit world or about mediums then please feel free to ask.

I might even post up Tarot readings for you!!

Look forward to hearing from you

GirlPowers very own Psych/Medium

Death and the Afterlife

Q. What is death?
A. Death is the seperation of the psysical body from the spiritual body; it is the mightier second birth.

Q.what results from this?
A.The bosydecays,changes its form and returns to the earth from wich it was submitted. The spirit unharmed passes to the new life freed from its earthly bonds.

Q. Why can we not see spirits?
A. Becuse our physical sences are so abstute; we cannot see the air around us and yet we cannot exist without it, and it is as real as any other form or matter.

Q. How then do we get to know of all this?
A. By the testomony of spirit frinds, who return and communicate with us, and the nature of the manifistation they produce to prove there presence.

It is said by many people who have had the same accounts of N.D.E (Near death experience) that when they leave the body all pain has left they often see a while light or black tunnel, This tunnel is all black but still filled with love and peace.

We know when it is our time to go as our spirit is link with what is called the silver cord if it our time to go then the cord will sever but if we are to continue living we will be told it's not out turn yet and be asked to return to the physical body.

Usally the spirit sees the physical body but no longer has any connections with it and feels no love for the body.

If we have Children in spirit then they are looked after by spirit helpers who look and care after them little children do not feel lonley that they have enterd a strange and different world for good and loving spirit frinds gather round to welcome the little strangers and minister to there needs, which is like manner was done by earthly frinds upon its birth into this life.

More on after life soon feel free to ask any Questions !

Love and Light

So Steve, if I asked you a question about someone who was close to me....
would i get an answer or will you just tell us about the after-life? :huh:

*I dont know if that sounds rude but it REALLY isnt meant to i was wondering thats all* :angel:

I will help you but not every thing can be 100% espeially over the net as you get a better vive face to face with the person.

I thought people would like to know about afterlife and sprirt world as lost of people are interested in it, so i thought it waold shed a bit light on the understandings of spirit and spirit world.

If there is somthing you want to know then i can reply by email as not to post private stuff on the net.

So no ask away hun

Lol no i have not been doing a little bit too much of this :drunk:

There are a lot of people out there who are sceptics and each person has there own views on this kind of subject.

It is the job of a medium to prove survival i.e the perosn they have with them, whet there personalities were like on this earth, description and name of the person and the spirit will let the person know that they are with them as they will tell the sitter certain things that are goin on in there present life.

Thanks Steve,
I just wanted to know a little bit about my bestie and my Dad...if they're ok.
Spanks Steve! :) :hug:
Originally posted by Insane_Cow@Nov 9 2004, 10:26 PM

been doin a lil to much of this? :drunk:
Tsk Cowy!!!! Maybe u don't believe in psychic abilities, but others do. Please don't mock!

Just thought you guys would like to see how wonderful Steve is :D ....
This is what Steve could tell me:

<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div>
>Hello there Jen
>ok this is what i feel which may or may be not correct.
>I feel your dad passed over in his 40's as i am getting the number 40 through i feel he passed with an illness and i feel he passed with cancer as this seems to come through strong.
>In this life i feel he was a wonderful man and funny too always made you laugh i feel your mum is still on this physical earth.
>i see a tall gentleman with brown hair i also see a moustach he would be around 6 foot. I want to say the letter R for his name i feel i want to say Rodger?
>I feel u also have another sister and brother i feel you yourself are in your 20's early 20's.[/b]

Ok, My Dad was Robert, he was 38 and he did indeed die of cancer in August.
He was the funniest person I know and he really made me see the funny side to everything, including his cancer.
Mum is still here.
And also the man could either be Dad or my Uncle Russel but yeah its most likely Dad....the most recent photo i have of him indeed has him with a moustache (i will post it up when I get the scanner to work :angry: )
I have 2 brothers and a sister, one of my brothers is overseas and he is 24 and my little brother and sister are....'littler' than me lol
Im 17....

Pretty damn close i say....pretty damn close indeed. Hence - the huggies for Steve
oh btw, Steve also mentioned a Laura...I have a very close friend called Laura...
you cant get much better than that! :tu:
Nice work Steve :)
lol also and nuthin personal actually i think at one point in their lives everyone
does a little to much of :drunk:

i have and idea, lets see if he can figure out parts of who i likes name is

then ill be less skeptical

(or full name)
Well insane cow considering I dont drink....

Honestly, Steve is the real deal dude, sorr but there are WAY too many things he said to not be... :huh:
Hi thank you for your comments and am glad you enjoyed my reading.

Yes i do have a drink but your lucky if its once a week and i do not drink when giving readings as this can distort what is comming through.

Every one has there own views and i appreciate that.