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I want to me more "feminine"... step one?

I think "feminine" is a load of crap. I know many women that I would not think are "masculine", and they have not much in common. Some are "softer" and some are strong and stubborn, taking no bullshit from anyone. Some wear make up and get their nails done every month and have fancy hair do, and some have short hair and do not spend this much time "dolling up". Feminine is a stupid word, just like "manly" is. Like so many others mentioned, just being yourself and having confidence will do a much better job than trying to fit into a standard that is superficial at worst and that cannot be agreed on at best. Trying to renew your wardrobe to be "in fashion" will empty your pockets and starting to wear more make up may ruin your skin in the long run.

All this being said, you express a will to change and I don't think you need to change, but you should experiment. I used to be a "tomboy" and I did have fun with make up (a few years phase) and eccentric clothing. But mostly, I did learn that wearing dresses and skirts is fun -- but this had to do with personal issues, I did not think I was pretty enough to pull it off. I also learnt that despite my frame and all, I could wear heels. It's a good thing to know. I usually don't. These things just hurt. And I cannot walk as proper with them as I usually can. But to know that some of the "girly" things I can pull off, it's good to know. I don't bother with the rest. No shopping sprees, no waking up and putting on my make up, no fixing my hair, etc. Just expanding the range of possibilities and then choosing what makes me feel good and comfortable. So, experience, have some other females "make you over" for fun to see, but don't go around changing your complete life, that's useless.
I've been a "girly girl" ever since I was young. I don't even know HOW, but I just am :ROFLMAO:. So here are some tips: (Sorry if they aren't that much of a help xD)
I think you should change your style first things first, BUT you don't have to buy those extremely fancy and expensive clothes, instead, start off by buying SIMPLE YET CUTE clothes. Then, you can start learning what kind of style you want to have.
And you can also wear makeup, if you want to.
And always take good care of your hair.
Oh, and for the most important part, just be YOURSELF and do whatever makes you happy :D!