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how many of us are a member of a gym?


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Sep 10, 2004
Out of interest, how many of u are a member of a gym?

What sort of exercise do u prefer and enjoy doing at the gym? How often do u go a week and for how long each session?

I used to go but had to give it up after a car accident. :cry: I'm thinking of going back :agree:
We don't have a gym where I live, but walking a mile through the dirt & sand is enough for me. ;) (The bus can't go out as far as I live)

I think you should go, Snowy. Excercising is fun! v :grinlove:
i dont go to any gyms. walking to and from school (at least a 25min walk at the best of times
) and playing soccer when its on and p.e. in school is enough for me ;P with the occasional walk to the shops with the dog
i'm not a member of a gym. i'm too small for most the equipment anyway. i get all my exercise from school. my school is built on a hill so i'm going up and down stairs all day

i joined the gym again about 2 months ago after having Abi i had 3 and half stone to loose (fatty lol) got a stone to loose now

Also started doing khai bo very good very energetic was aching for 2 days after
was the best work out i had had in ages

Got the dvd's to do it at home but can't get motivated to even get up and put it into the player
would sooner come on the computer and chat to you lot

I was a member for 2 years, and during that time I actually GAINED 10 pounds. So I decided to quit and do it all on my own, by swimming, running and biking. And I've already lost 10 pounds in the last month, and I'm still losing.

I just can't be motivated to go to a gym.
I can't be bothered going to the gym. I'd like to say that playing soccer once a week, badminton once a week and climbing the stairs at school keeps me at an alright level but I'm the goalie in soccer, Badminton isn't exactly the most strenuous of sports and ever since I becasme 7th form at school, I can use the elevators to the 4th and 5th floor... So really, I should go but ah well.
i go to the gym all the time, been going for 6 months now, spend about an 1 hr 45 mins, treadmill and weight bench..
Don't go..never liked indoor excercising. Even if I did go somewhere it would be something like aerobic or pilates. I've never had weight problem, no metter what I eat, so...still, it's healthy to exercise, but I spend a lot of time in nature, I do these long walks with my dog, and I swim a lot during summer, so...
a gym membership is as vital to me as oxygen.

i worked in a gym for 2 years as an instructor and class teacher.

I have found the 'office world' as my career progression has made me put on more bodyfat and not train as often as i was when i was staff.

I am not, but lately i have been thinking about it.
Not because i want to lose weight or something but i want to make more friends and build up my body!