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Kitty Kat

New Member
Jan 23, 2005
Hi, my name here is Kitty Kat. :p I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. And no bf right now....

But I think I like mingling single more than hooked to a ball and chain.
Well, I can't post on Peace Offering, and it said it couldn't find a member called that, so I thought id been deleted. :(
I put u into the Guests user group.

I cannot trust u not to post spam and filth on my board.

If Peace_Offering did not work... why did u not log in as one of the other many accounts u have?
What other accounts? Mariah was banned. Peace_Offering is a guest. I have never posted filth on your board, why would you think that?
And Cherry Lips?

U were amongst those who posted the filth. I cannot trust u.

U may stay for now, but believe me, u are under supervision. Any trouble and u will not be permitted back on this forum, and I will report u to Invision Free and ur ISP.
I was never cherry lips. I dont even know whom that is. Or what she did. I wasnt here when that stuff happened, it had been cleaned up by the time I came back.
Cherry Lips has the exact same IP as u.

Ok, enough said. This forum is a happy and friendly community, and I WILL do everything within my powers to keep it that way.

This matter is closed, u have access, but as I said u will be watched until such time I am happy that I can trust u.

Please keep this sensible, I did not intend for any of this to turn into a "forum war". My site is no battle ground.
Originally posted by CaliMama@Jan 23 2005, 07:18 PM
r u sure it's not YOU KNOW WHO? :bop: :spooked: :help:
Cali, it's ok. totally different IP. I have been keeping an eye out :yes:
I seriously don't understand that though. I was not Cheryy Lips, how could we have the same IP? Maybe she has a proxy server, or, I don't know, but I'm not her. Could you double check my IP and hers? Maybe PM them to me from the Admin CP page? (Not the link, just the wrods ;) )
there is absolutely no point in telling u the IP. u have 3 accounts under the IP u are currently using.

Amongst the others u have.

Enough said on this subject ok? Let's get back to the sole reason for being on the site..... friendship and community.
Topic Closed!!
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