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Hello, I'm New

Discussion in 'Newbies Introduction' started by Myranda, May 9, 2005.

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  1. Myranda

    Myranda New Member

    This my first time signing up to a forum [​IMG]
    My name is Myranda, I'm 24 from New Zealand. I'm currently a student studying towards a job in animal management.
    It is nearly winter here and we have had some wicked frosts lately. I am soon to go outside and defrost my bunny! [​IMG]

    I hope to make some friends on here, you all seem really nice [​IMG]
  2. Snowbaby

    Snowbaby Active Member

    Heya Myranda :wave2:

    Great to have you onboard. [​IMG] to Girl Power Forum.

    Yuk @ winter, so cold and *bleurgh* lol! Make yourself at home, if you need help with anything, just yell [​IMG]

    Snowbaby [​IMG]
  3. fastchaz36

    fastchaz36 New Member

    Hi [​IMG] To girl forum

    I'm charlotte, 23, Nottingham England

    Hope to talk to you around the gp forums [​IMG]

    Talk soon [​IMG]
  4. Tia

    Tia New Member

    Hi Myranda, :wave2:

    What sort of bunny do you have?

    We're also almost into winter but it's been pretty warm over here for May. [​IMG]
  5. Myranda

    Myranda New Member

    My rabbit is three quarter lop. She's a lovely white with grey markings. Has a real attitude though......really cheeky [​IMG]
  6. Bubbles

    Bubbles New Member

    Hello Myranda welcome to girlpowerforum.com, Nice to eat you [​IMG] [​IMG] :wave2: [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. AliceCoopersGirl

    AliceCoopersGirl Active Member

    Bubbles...put the newbie down...thats better. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Welcome Myranda...have fun here...and I also had to keep defrosting my rabbit over our winter...good job we are in spring now and its warmed up here.
  8. Tiddlyjen

    Tiddlyjen New Member

    Hello Myranda, its great to have you on board!
    Im not allowed to have a bunny, purely because we have a dog and she might get [​IMG] by our dog (i didnt want to type it in case your bunny saw and got scared) [​IMG]
    have fun here!
    [​IMG] Jenna xxx
  9. Bubbles

    Bubbles New Member

    I wouldnt worry about that.. my rabbit used to chase cats and dogs.. was well funny [​IMG]
  10. Snowbaby

    Snowbaby Active Member

    I had a bunny throughout primary school.... he used to chase our collie dog around the garden [​IMG]
  11. AliceCoopersGirl

    AliceCoopersGirl Active Member

    Cats don't come in the garden anymore...not since I got my rabbit...its great [​IMG]
  12. Princess Pyro

    Princess Pyro New Member

    nothing comes in my garden coz my dog would eat it [​IMG] *sets the noobie on fire* welcme to the forums [​IMG]
  13. Myranda

    Myranda New Member

    My bunny Cleo is usually quite friendly with the neighbours cats, sometimes sitting next to each other soaking up some sun. [​IMG] But if the cat steps over the line and Cleo feels threatened then watch out cat. Cleo will come charging and grunting really loud! [​IMG] and that cat takes off without knowing what hit it [​IMG]
  14. fastchaz36

    fastchaz36 New Member

    EDIT: [​IMG] Don't let your bunny read this [​IMG]
    One of my rabbits was killed by some cats [​IMG] [​IMG] had to get rid before kids saw it. Some how got out of the hutch inside shed and into garden [​IMG] other two died of old age [​IMG]
  15. Snowbaby

    Snowbaby Active Member

    *covers up all the kiddies eyes*

    *hugs chaz* [​IMG] awwww bless ya
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