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Yay for you, Tiddlyjen :D

Gosh I never told you all how maths went!
Ok, the education system here is called NCEA and every test is made up of 3 levels of questions, achieved (the easiest), merit (harder) and excellence (hardest). To pass the test you need a certain number of achieved questions right, for example 4 out of 8 correct and then you get achieved. If you want to get merit, you have to get those 4 achieved plus, say, 3 out of 6 merits. If you want excellence you got to get those A's, those M's and also, say, 1 out of 2 excellences.

Ok, so on the maths, I'm feeling confident. I answered all the achieved and merit questions but i only managed to anser...one or 2 of the excellences out of 4 because they were so hard and I ran out of time.

Here's how hard the E's were. My mum works at a school and managed to get hold of the maths exam. She is so brilliant. My dad is an engineer and therefore he is DAMN good at maths. We went through the excellence questions together. It took us an hour and he gave up after doing 3 of them. He never gives up. He ALWAYS insists on working it out. But wait. We had a dinner with some of Dad's engineer work mates. So they are simply brilliant at maths. One of them thought it was first year university level maths and couldn't do any... one of the girls managed to solve one and explained it to me. :eek:


We don't get our results until january...ah well.


Thanks Jen!

It feels weird calling you Jen...because that's what my friends call me...not to mention you're my age...


Lol its ok, you can call me Tiddles if ya want or Jenna i dont care dude
lol its kinda funny being the same age and having jen as a tag-name