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Sep 12, 2004
New Zealand
End of year exams have almost starting and with them comes my impending doom.

My first is chemistry tomorrow and all my friends who do it have been very "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH EITHER CHEM DIES OR I DO AHHHHHHHHHH"

And then the day after is french. That's not so bad except for the fact that I have no grasp of how to conjugate most verbs. Il vaut = ?

And then ENGLISH. Holy crap we're all going to die. Three hours = 3 essays and unfamiliar texts. I think it works out to 35minutes per 300-400 word essay (though if we want to do well we should be writing closer to the 400 than the 300). That is the one that will ahve me crawling out of the exam going "Why? Why???"

History. Oh thats not so bad.

But maths. Oh maths, the bain of my existence. I used to be smart at maths. In fact, I even liked it because its so logical. There's a wrong answer and a right answer and with about 4 equations you can make it through 5th form maths. Then they hurl 6th form/year 12/grade 11 maths at you with the force of a bazooka that throws you against the wall, dazed and only semi-aware that more information is being lance'd (thats a mangled form of lancer - French for "to launch" eg, a javelin with its sharp point) that should be assimliated, but heck, you'll get back to that when the initial shock fades (though the curriculum has you in a permanent state of " :eek: *tortured scream*"). Mostly calculus. If calculus was embodied in something that could be destroyed (in a lengthy, drawn out process) oh, I'd do it. It might include, though not limited to, chainsaws, whips and burning.

Oh, look at that, thats them all. No exam for psychology because it was internally assessed (though that was a painful experience - an assessment every 2 weeks at one point).

Thank you for your time.

*stabs exams on the way out*


Here is what exams does to you -

Random text from my friend "SCREWED I TELL YOU"

Another random text "Argh! I h8 chem! I h8 it! *burst in2 tearz*

Or, while chatting to someone this morning "i need breakfast! *runs away screaming*"

And here's something brilliant -

No Study = Fail ....................... ( I )

Study = No Fail ............................ ( II )

By Combining ( I ) & ( II ) :

=====> ( No Study + Study ) = ( No Fail + Fail )

By Taking ( Study ) as a common factor in the left hand side

and Taking ( Fail ) as a common factor in the right hand side

=====> Study ( No + 1) = Fail (No + 1 )

By Dividing both sides by ( No + 1)

=====> Study = Fail


*stabbity stab stab*
And one more -

"Anywho, i should probably go and sort all my stuff out for exaM, AND EAT....
Mmmmmm Toast (Told you)....
*Wail of despair* Nooooo anything but chemistry!"
Indeed, Snowy, indeed *nods sagely*

But I had chem this afternoon and it went better than I thought it would. Except I was really bored because it was tedious seeing as I'd done much in study. Mind you, that doesn't mean I'm going to do well.

Things worthy of mention -
The girl (who came into the classroom where everyone was meeting prior to the exam) SCREAMING.
Me pre-unwrapping my 8 lollipops so they don't make any noise in teh exam and I don't waste time in the exam. I ate 5 chuppachup sized lollipops in 3 hours. Mmmmm.

Now, french tomorrow morning. We are being bribed to stay until the end of the exam (my french teacher has pormised she'll be outside at the end with lollies). Because they expect us to take 70minutes to do the reading comprehension and another 70 minutes to write 100 words and then the listening takes 40minutes. I'm tossing up whether to stay til the end and get the lollies and die of boredom in the process... or just leave. But those lollies are awfully tempting...

We'll see.


French was today. It went alright. The listening section was hard. I hope I got enough 6th form structures and vocab into my writing. The reading comprehension was interesting - a passage about a mysterious hitchhiker who went missing 1km after getting picked up, while the car was moving at 90km/h adn all the doors were closed.

The mean supervisor took my lollipops off me. We are allowed to eat in the exams as long as we don't make too much noise. But she comes over and whispers "You're not allowed to eat" adn nicks off with them. And I need them. They stop me biting my nails. So I was stuck with 2 lollipops in 3 hours. You should have seen the stick of the second, mangled beyond recognition. The only reason I stopped chewing obsessively on it was because I started to detect a faint trace of the taste of blood.... :blink:

And then there was the girl who's nose started bleeding half way through the listening. It probably had nothing to do with the exam but I will maintain that it happened due to the stress we are put under :p.


I thought French listening was absolutely horrid!
Chem was okay, except for organic, we can just ignore that :td:
Yes, lets ignore that *ignores*

Now, how about English? I gave everyone their happy flowers and I got all giggly after half a lollipop and two spreays of Rescue Remedy.

Well, I got through 6 lollipops in 3 hours. I was freaking out about this one. I actually felt like crying when we were all going into the hall to find our desks.

But it went quite well. I finished everything and even left early. 3 essays and one Response to unfamiliar texts in 3 hours. The unfamiliar texts should die. :)

But I am significantly destressed.


:console: Potholer needs a huggie!

Well, Ive had 5 out of my 6 exams...im under so much pressure at home from Mum and Dad, i was told the other night if i get a B on ANYTHING then im not allowed to do Rock Eisteddfod (Aussie Dancing competition for high schools and more recently primary schools, its so0o0o much fun) but yeah, loads of pressure, its so not cool, i had English on Monday (dave got an A+!!!Thats my boi!!! i got a B+ :angry: ), then Biology on Tuesday (2nd highest in the grade booyah) :) then Psychology on the Wednesday :rolleyes: yes!I kicked a$$!
Today was Chemistry....and German
I cried after i did Chemistry...(my teachers and me are really close and that Ill explain a little later though) and yeah i didnt fail! booyah
tomorrow is my methods exam :cry: *HELP ME* no0o0o0o
nighty night girlies (and guys :p )
Awww, sounds like YOU need a hug :hug:

Gosh, that sounds like a lot of pressure though it seems you're doing great on your exams! *high five*

We don't find out for months...

You do Psych as well?? It was all internally assessed here (that is, all the tests were during the year) so there are no exams (which are Externals) SO I"ve only got 5 instead of the normal 6.

goodluck, TiddlyJen :)

I know you'll be brill.

Remember to take some time out

They're gone!!! I had my methods one today and I think I did really well :D :D :D :D
Im so pumped!
Yeah I do Psych, its so0o much fun, we got to do experiments on little children :devil: only kidding! (but we did) but yeah...
Because Im in Year 11 we run them through school but yeah lol its all over! :cry: *crying with relief ppls!*

Spankies Potholer! :hug:
YAY TIDDLYJEN, that's so brill :D

Awww experiments on wee kiddies? That's so cute. For psych, we went to playschools to "observe" behaviours we'd learned it class. It was the most adorable thing you've ever seen *melts*

You think methods went well?

History for me was scary. They threw in the phrase "caused polital change" into one of the essay questions which scared me because we haven't gone over that in class. Not until after though. I didn't even register it until afterwards when my friend screamed at me "POLITCAL CHANGE??" And then I realised I hadn't actaully answered that part of the question...I just wrote my normal "Origins of WW1" essay...I hope it's alright.

Last is maths... next tuesday...
YEY jen :hug:

Milkshakes all round!!