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childhood heroes


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Sep 11, 2004
in my own world mostly
Everyone has them, so who is it it that..you absolutely adored as a child and still do? And conversely who now just makes you want to turn the channel?

My first 2 heroes......Terry Nutkins and Johnny Morris.

Anyone else remember animal magic???? I never ever ever missed an episode of that show.
David Attenborough !!!!!! The man is a God ! a GOD I say. He can do no wrong and anyone who disagrees with me shall get a spanking
And...Even tho I used to sit glued to the telly watching "Jim'll Fix it" every week....this man now just makes me feel physically sick. I have no idea why but just seeing him on telly makes me want to vomit ......I give you Jimmy Saville
YEY Jim'll fix it!!!!!!!!!!!

i never missed sesame street and was late back to school after lunch everyday in primary school cos i was watching it
Most definately Shirley Temple. She was really cute then was really smart then got a really sweet job then was fired wrongly. The perfect, well, almost, life.

I've still got a Shirley Temple doll from when I was a kid.

I hold onto it hoping it may be worth something one day.
Sooty & Sweep!!!!!!
i love it!!!!!!!

And i always said i was the pink power ranger...
and if we ever played a game @ school, i wouldnt play unless i was the pink power ranger
Sooty and Sweep? They sound familiar and it's annoying me because I can't for the life of me place them!

Ernie from Sesame Street. I positively loved him. So much so that I named my favourite soft toy after him. Except, I didn't want to copy so I named him Arnie instead.
Potty deary, here is Sooty & Sweep, I've never seen it on over here in the land of Oz, but I watched it religiously as a little tike...
Here is Sooty:

Awwww he's soooo cute!
and here is Sweep:

I tried finding a picture of Sooty's girlfriend, a black and white panda called Soo but i couldnt find it

there ya go!
Merci beacoup TJ
. They're so cute! Here's a Soo-puppet -

Haha, according to my mum, I used to watch it when I was little, which will be why I only vaguely recall it...