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How can I defend myself well against a guy?

Discussion in 'Girlie Gossip' started by Butterfly, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. Butterfly

    Butterfly Member

    I'm a little concerned about myself about this, I'm going out in the weekend and chances are I might have to get home alone in the night or something; I'm about 5'1, lightweight and often weaker than other girls, so what are my chances to defend myself?
  2. criticalthinking

    criticalthinking New Member

    Looks like I'm too late to help you with your weekend, but it's good to know anyway. Consider carrying pepper spray. Also, be prepared to attack the weak spots. There's no such thing as fair fighting when you're defending yourself. Try to jab an attacker in the eye, punch them in the throat or kick them in the testicles. If they grab you from behind, try to jab them as hard as you can in the stomach with your elbow, or stomp hard with your heel on the top of their foot. Throw your head back to hit them in the face if you can. Bite anything you can get your teeth on. And remember the most important thing: you're not trying to win a fight but survive. The second you can break away, run!
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  3. Lugia

    Lugia Active Member

    My mom always taught me to kick him in the crotch and then punch him in the Adam's Apple.
  4. Jabsfreelanceworld

    Jabsfreelanceworld New Member

    I see this is an old post, and I guess it is a month after your weekend you were planning to go out by yourself. I'm just curious how it went, if you ended up having to go home by yourself. Other than that, I just wanted to add that I heard that the nose and the private area are the two most sensitive spots on a man's body.
  5. criticalthinking

    criticalthinking New Member

    Well pretty much the most sensitive part on anyone's body is the eyes. The main thing is to hurt whatever part you can get to to give you time to break away. :)
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  6. Jabsfreelanceworld

    Jabsfreelanceworld New Member

    Yeah, you are right. I forgot about the eyes. I do remember now someone said the best way to get away is to put your fingers in someone's eyes. It is painful, and a great way to delay the person. I stand corrected. ;) (Oh, and I re-read your last post, where it actually says that. Sorry.
  7. Cecille

    Cecille Active Member

    Nice tips ladies.

    I have watched before in a talk show that you can use your cellphone to protect in times like this. You can hit a guy in his face as hard as you can, better I think in the eyes so that you will have the chance to run. Also, spraying perfume to his eyes will do as it can hurt him.
  8. everio

    everio Member

    In Tae Kwon Do, we're always told that no matter what you do, you take whatever chance you can to RUN. Like, LEG IT! Also, make sure you have a will to survive, no matter what happens. If something goes wrong, and you're in danger, fight for your life! Even if half your arm's chopped off, use the other half to smash the hell out of them. If you're trapped in an abandoned warehouse with some rapists, think of it as them being trapped with you! There are heaps of ways you can fend off criminals, just don't freak out and maintain your confidence.
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  9. I was always told to go after the eyes, nose, throat, stomach, and crotch. Basically, anywhere that would make it hard for them to breath or see. As my dad told me, they can't fight or run after you if they can't see or breath. He was a cop so I would assume he knows what's he's talking about.
  10. zararina

    zararina Member

    I agree that we should always hit on those weak points if ever we have the opportunity to do so.
    This will give you a lot of time to run and ask/look for help. A knowledge on self defense even just minimal/little could be of great help too. And also things like umbrella, cell phone or hard things could also served as weapons.
  11. Butterfly

    Butterfly Member

    Hello, thank you. ^_^
    It went great, we don't really have any relationship or anything right now but we meet a few times a week as sex partners right now, haha. ;P
    Maybe we will make something else of it later if it feels right, but I'm happy with this right now.

    However, I've actually noticed that this guy is shockingly much stronger than me, so I'm not sure that the advice you gave me would work very well on him if I ever got into a similar situation with another less friendly guy.
    I mean we started playing around with this for fun last week and he can seriously get all my clothes off and toss me around without any effort whatsoever, no matter how much I struggle myself (his arms are almost three times thicker than mine and he's like two heads taller, I can even jump under his cheek without hitting it);
    he even lets me beat on his chest and belly like crazy if I want to and he barely feels it!
    In fact he has to be extremely careful with me to avoid hurting me and he can still lay me on my back even if I struggle so much that I run out of breath in like ten seconds;
    so this of course makes me wonder about possible future dates his size, lol.
  12. PamBeacher

    PamBeacher Member

    Well for future reference, I would recommend that every girl take a self defense class. A girl has to be able to protect herself. One important thing that I learned there is that your elbow is one of your best weapons. It is the hardest part of your body. SO jabbing a guy in his crotch is one of your best bets to get to safety.
  13. LunarScorpio

    LunarScorpio Member

    This is a bit late, but it never hurts to learn some new tips!

    Either way, I agree with Pam about taking a self defense class. I would love to take one, but I haven't found one that's offered around here. When they do, I'm there though. Also, something I learned in a psychology class, if you don't have anything other than your keys, use them. Put the actual key between two of your fingers, so if someone tries to attack you, you'll have a some-what sharp object to use in defense. I'd probably aim for a softer part of the body like the neck or eyes if possible. If all else fails, aim for the crotch will probably always be your best option.
  14. cowgirlbaby

    cowgirlbaby New Member

    Often the best defense is being loud and offensive. If you are loud, anyone who may bother you would thin twice before continuing. From the way it sounds you are concerned with the walk home and so that is why I answered that way. Still, the same thing goes when it comes to guys who may come on to you anywhere, if you start feeling uncomfortable back away and be loud and defensive / offensive to them. I hope this helps. Remember confidence, and if all else fails punch them in the no no's and run.
  15. Lee11

    Lee11 Active Member

    You are spot on! It is quite humbling and not only a little scary when one realizes that even the puniest looking guy is stronger than the average female. It scared the hell out of me when I discovered this. You are a clever girl to think of this already...ehm, I agree with the others on this thread - perhaps take a self=defense course? In fact, your question has inspired me to take one. For real.

    I generally see to it that I am not alone with untrustworthy people, do not walk around alone at night etc..

    Also, if I go out alone...i always take pepper spray, even when i go and exercise - you get cool ones that look like lipstick etc, and it works. As they say - hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

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