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Your Special Language


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Sep 10, 2004
Arwenpotter's topic 10 words that dont exist but should gave me an idea!!

What word do you say that doesn't really exist but you use it all the time in real life or chat?

Here's some of mine.....
  • Tinternet - internet
  • Tefeltone - telephone
  • Bumbernella - Umbrella
  • bestest
Tells us your made-up words!!!
"Funness" that is the big one really.

In fact, basically my friends and I add "ness" to everything. And "coolness"

It's brill.

Great idea Snowy!


Another example, "Yay!! Joy of summerness!"
well basically everything i say also ends with 'ness' lol
And i say "highdoono" [high-do-nu]
(snowy you will be able to do this one well...good old Scots :tu: )
but yeah it basically means i dont know (say it really fast) lol :blink: weird huh?

And i like saying "uwa"? for you want....

o0o0oh this one (hey I did another one with the oh :p ) "hoi"....now hoi is the specialistest word ever!
Hoi can mean many a thing... a response to a very spazmodial (hee another one) statement ....*clears throat*ergm* Example... "hidely ho neighbourow" HOI!!!!!!!!!
see!lol it workds :lol: :lol:
or it can just be said when you cant be bothered with anything....
instead of "im bored" you would say "hoooooi!" or even "meh!"
One of my words is "shifuda" (pronounced shi-foo-da)

I didnt originally mean to make this word, it just popped out oneday when I wacked my head and small children were nearby. (My roomates nephews) (Yes, its a combination of three *bad* words. )
Now I say it all the time, no big deal. (And no one but my roomie catches on! :p )
lol i say curiated.... just means erm... well lol its a branch off from curious.... i dotn knwo why is ay it lol.... and bukacheek.. doesnt have ameaning just makes my friend cack herself for some reason :eek: and i cant rememebr the rest;... freaking short term memory you lil jerky
ohhhhhhhh so many lol

Meezy Cheese - Parmesan cheese

Confusticated - Confused

Squirtel - Squirrel

Doofer - remote control

Nih-Net !!!! - WANT IT !!!!! n.b ....MUST be said with attitude and a scowl (ok we stole this one from my neice, it's one of her baby words lol)

Pushion - cushion

:lol2: :lol2: :lol2:
wartiesest (adj.)

Being annoying, worried, or otherwise stupid.

"Mandy, you are the wartiesest girl in all the land!"