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Woman With Transplanted Ovary Delivers Baby Girl

Discussion in 'Girlie Gossip' started by Tia, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. Tia

    Tia New Member

    BOSTON: A woman, who had received an ovarian tissue transplant from her identical twin sister, has given birth to a baby girl at an Alabama hospital Monday.

    The 24-year-old woman, Stephanie Yarber, of Muscle Shoals, Alabama, diagnosed with failed ovaries, had a graft from her identical twin sister's ovaries transplanted to her and started menstruating after three months. Amazingly, she became pregnant two months later, the medical team that carried out the transplant, said. She has now delivered the child without any complications.

    The transplant was resorted to after efforts at in-vitro fertilization failed in her, said Dr Sherman Silber of St. Luke's Hospital in St Louis, who led the team of surgeons.

    The rare transplant, Dr Silber feels, could make it possible for female cancer patients, undergoing treatments that make them sterile, to have their ovarian tissues frozen and later reactivated once the treatment is over and they become fertile.

    The details of the transplant are published on the New England Journal of Medicine's website.

    Yarber was not put on any anti-rejection drugs as her sister was a perfect genetic match, the doctors said.

    More.... http://www.earthtimes.org/articles/show/3127.html

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