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Wisdom Teeth


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Nov 10, 2004
Arghhhhh....... I'm 35 and my wisdom teeth have been cutting for about 15yrs on and off now. :no:
Didn't know whether to put this thread here or in the have a moan section.
I've had a killer ache in the lower left jaw today but luckily baby teething gel has been helping.
Is anyone else having trouble with their wisdom teeth? :help:
awww Tia :console: Luckily I haven't had problems with mine. Both my lower ones are through, but I had one tooth out on the left before my wisdom tooth cut through, so when it did cut, it moved into the empty gap.

I do sympathise with u tho, I have had more than my lifetime's worth of toothache already! And it is horrible. Have u spoke to ur dentist? They might suggest anti-inflamitory painkillers, to help.
If the pain gets worse I'll go onto the neurofen. I had 2 teeth on the bottom and 2 on the top removed for braces years ago and it's still a tight fit.
My first bottom wisdom were ok but it's the second ones that are making the jaw ache, they're pushing all the teeth to fit in.
:hug: There's nothing worse than toothache. At least with other aches and pains, u know it will end soon. but toothache is horrible, it totally takes over u :no:
I had all 4 of mine removed at age 16, for the pain ( i know this may sound sick but it worked for me) they told me to use wet tea bags and place them on the area that hurts the most, as this was in the States Im not sure what they would say about it here. I didnt have enought room for my wisdom teeth so they took them all out at 1 time, The pain was very bad until they removed them, as you said you have already had teeth removed do to not enough space, I would give the advice to go get it looked at, as they may be pushing up on your other teeth in front of
them and that may be where the pain is from. I feel your pain and its pain that you dont need :no: hope you get it all sorted and feel better :flower4u:
I had to have all mine of mine removed they never cut properly so they would cut then cover back up then start decayin and i couldn't do nothing about it OUCH

Just seem to get tooth ache when im pregnant and have to have them pulled out put the baby under even more stress

Sounds like you may need to have them cut out. I had mine cut out when I was 19 because they had already started giving me trouble...the surgery honestly wasn't bad at all and I didn't even have to take pain pills afterward or anything...so don't let people scare you lol. They told me it would be horrible but it was fine and I've never regretted it.
If you can, I would definitely get them taken out. I had problems with mine for years and just got them taken out last year when I was 21. Since then, I have not had any issues at all and and it's been nice not having any pain for a week or so at a time from a tooth coming in. It's really not that bad getting them taken out either. I was a little freaked out about the whole thing, but it was totally fine and I was eating solid foods the next day with no pain.
I had experienced pains also because of y wisdom tooth. I had sleepless nights and sometimes pain relievers seems not to be working to me anymore. Glad that I had passed that phase already and feel okay with it now. I would agree that if you could let it be extracted the better since you will not need to deal with the pain caused by it again.
I personally don't like pain. Especially when it comes to going to the dentist. I have not been to a dentist in 25yrs. That's how fearful I am. I guess I am lucky with my wisdom teeth. The uppers when I had braces had 2 teeth pulled to make room for my wisdom teeth. They came in perfectly fine. The lowers they are impacted. Was told when I got my braces off as a kid I should have them pulled. Never did. I'm 41 now and they have never bothered me so didn't see a need to put myself through unwanted pain. But if you are having issues with them you might want to consider having them pulled.
I never got any of my wisdom teeth for some strange reason. But I am so happy I didn't! I think you should get to a dentist asap. You will only make the problem worse by waiting. If you are nervous, don't be. Dentists are really good these days with making sure patients are comfortable and not in pain.

Good luck and keep us updated if you can!