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Wierd News


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Sep 10, 2004
I thought about starting this thread for any wierd and wonderful, funny or serious, stories u have read. It may have been online, or a newspaper?

The stranger, the better :tu: :lol:
AIRHEADS: Two girls at Greenfield Junior High School in Gilbert, Ariz., were
setting up the decorations for a school dance and got the idea of inhaling
the helium they were using to fill balloons to hear themselves "talk
funny." Principal Jill Bowers noted the school district's policy that
prohibits the "non-medical use of drugs" also includes inhaled drugs, and
suspended the girls for five days. "If it's such a dangerous substance,"
complained one of the girls' fathers, "why weren't they supervised? I
think they went a little bit overboard and took the zero-tolerance policy
to the extreme." Bowers relented, reducing the suspensions to one day.
(Arizona Republic) ...Whew! Now they'll be able to squeak by the seventh

COME FOR THE FOOD, STAY FOR THE DESSERT: Deputies from the St. Tammany Parish
(La.) Narcotics Task Force raided a restaurant spice plant after hearing
the employees there took cocaine breaks, not coffee breaks. They set up a
hidden camera in a break room and got footage of employees stopping work
for a quick coke. Eight employees, aged 21-52, were arrested. "It was as
common as someone coming in for a coffee break," a police spokesman said,
"but instead of drinking coffee, they were snorting cocaine." The plant,
run by Diversified Foods and Seasonings, makes the "secret spice"
flavorings for such fast food restaurants as Popeyes Fried Chicken and
Copeland's. (New Orleans Times-Picayune) ...So maybe now you have a little
more insight into the strange attraction you have for their food.

BURIED TREASURE: Deputies from the St. Bernard Parish, La., Sheriff's
Office arrested Kenneth Rabalais, 19, after he allegedly pried open the
tomb of his cousin, who was killed in an auto crash ten months ago. "He
believed there was money and possibly marijuana behind the face of the
tomb," a sheriff's spokesman says, "but apparently there was nothing
there." Rabalais was charged with misdemeanor grave desecration and
faces six months in jail. Meanwhile, detectives in Columbia County,
Wisc., investigated the theft of the cremated remains of Michael
Hendrickson, who committed suicide 10 years ago. He had been buried
with several items of "memorabilia", including some beer. Detectives
went to the home of Karen Stolzmann, 44, his former girlfriend, with a
search warrant and say they found his cremation urn and some of the
memorabilia, but think she drank the beer. They were not able to charge
her for grave desecration, a felony in Wisconsin, since she dug him up
shortly after he was buried, and the statute of limitations has
expired. (New Orleans Times-Picayune, Portage Daily Register)
...Rabalais and Stolzmann: a match made in hell.