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Why Join Girl Power Forum?

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Sep 10, 2004
Hi there!! Why should you join Girl Power forum?

As a member, you will be able to read and post in the following boards:
  • Newbies Introduction
  • General Chit Chat
  • Girlie Gossip
  • Fun Time - Amazing Facts | The Polling Station
  • The Expression Centre - Picasso's Palace | Sigs & Avatars | Rhyme-ster's Alley
  • Arcade Discussion
  • Come in and have a moan
  • Parenting & Pregnancy
  • Health - Hobbies Galore | Household Tips | Pet Heaven | Diet, Health & Exercise | Skin & Hair Care | Natural remedies & A to Z of herbs | Ailments Archive
  • Teens Section
  • Relationships

As a fully registered member, you will:
  • Have access the User Control Panel (User CP), where you can edit your personal profile information
  • Have access to the board's Personal Messaging (PM) System, to private message fellow members.
  • Be able to upload an avatar
  • Be able to create a signature for yourself, which appears in each post you make in the forum.
  • Be able to customize the board look with our database of skins

Above all else, you will meet all of our friendly members!!! So what else do you need to know? What are you waiting for? Join Girl Power!!

Enjoy your stay!!!

Snowbaby (Moderator)
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