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Whinge Whinge


New Member
Jan 27, 2005
ok soo i just feel like i need to have a whinge. things seem to be getting on top of me spose like not with bubs cause she is great but i feel im alone all the time. i mean all i am ever doing is worrying about cleaning my house or feeding baby. My bf and i dont spend alot of time together and i guess i just feel kind of isolated. My bf kid jus comes home and sits of the computer. Hmmmm i dont know what wrong with me i just felt like having whinge cause i feel kinda down. oh well i guess thats the way things are
I totally understand how you feel... I nannied for 4 years, and I can sympathise with how isolated you feel. I used to be exactly the same.

Are there any parent & baby groups in your area that you could join up? Just to get out for a while. Or round up the girls you mentioned before, who live in your block, and go our for a walk?

The key is to get out for a wee while each day, even if you just put bubbs in her buggy and walk round the block and back. That wee bit of fresh air, and being outside the 4 walls of your house, does the world of good.
I feel like it sometimes
if you do talk it is usually about the baby
I think sometimess the bf can get jelous of all the attention that the baby gets even if they don't mean to.
All of a sudden your attention is not all on them and it is hard sometimes.
Like snowy said get out of the house and baby groups are great but try to go to one that is for mums too some groups do feel like they are just to let the baby meet friends and not the mum's and don't be frightened to approach the mum's in the group MOST of them are nice