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Whats Your Phobia?


New Member
Jan 27, 2005
What scares you? its could be anything.

Mine is spiders i cannot handle them even thinking of them makes my skin crawl.

So what scares you?
wasp and bees

I don't mind spiders. used to be a bit sick when I was younger and used to burn them
i hate spiders and insects
if theres one in my room i have to gat some1 to catch it
even if its teenie weenie
its just the thought of it being in my room
Spiders! I check under the pillows and duvet on the bed every night before I get in. Oh and heights, you would never get me going up the Eiffel tower.
As a guy, I'm not afraid to say that spiders freak me out too. Also, dark hallways and rooms, especially if I'm working the late shift at night. If I'm at home alone at night, I just have to turn the lights on. The funniest thing is when a scarey movie just happens to come on at that time.
I am afraid of driving. I have been the passenger of so many car accidents that I get nervous when I myself get behind the wheel. I know I am a good driver its all the other idiots on the road I'm scared of

I also hate needles, getting my bood taken. They make me feel really light headed and its so weird cos I have lots of piercings!
I cannot stand wasps, I have a real fear for them and I also dont like heights, so dont ever stick me on top of a cliff with a wasp nest lol
This is going to sound really weird...but here you go.
I have an irrational phobia of wrists, as in the joints yes, they scare the *sweary word* out of me, I can't stand how they look or feel. I know another girl-Ruby who I used to go to school with who hated them too.
My biggest phobia is spiders too!! Ahh... I can't even describe the way I feel when I see one (or when I hear about them...)
Heights I can't stand them, it makes me feel all faint and unsafe. Theres a really high bridge we have to go over on the train when I want to go into the city and Ben loves it and I'm sat there with my eyes closed, its horrible!! I also hate moths
I was so sure I replied in a thread like this, but I can't see it, so I must be dreaming

Ok, my biggest fear is drowning, as I have had 2 near-drowning experiences.

Also wasps, I hate them!!!!!!!!!!!!!