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What's your best Xmas present ever?


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Sep 10, 2004
What was the best Christmas present u have received?

I can remember getting a Silvercross dolls pram. It was a miniture of the original old fashioned baby pram. I loved it!!!


What was yours? :grin:
An orange :lol:

ok so I'm not quite that old lol (any comments shall be dealt with harshly)

well not sure about the best cos I've bn lucky and never got anything that I didn't like but.....

Simple things are the best and every year my grandad used to send us a bottle of ginger wine essence which brother and I would then spend hours making on boxing day. Thing is, I don't actually like the stuff that much but we still buy it every year cos it reminds us of him.

is it just me or are you over-hyper-active or something? lol

I like getting art supplies cuz I love drawing anime-style art. Ive got an old box that used to belnog to my great great grandma full of pencils. lol.
My first Stereo :rolleyes:
it was big and
black and NO-ONE else at my school had one as big
:rolleyes: those were the days

edit: and Snowy, its better to be too happy than too sad :p
cue the audience: "awwwwwwwwwwwwww"
Hmmm.....its hard to say, because over the years the gifts i have got for my birthday have blended into my christmas ones.

I will have to be a boy, and say a bike i got around my 15th birthday... it was awesome.