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What music for what mood?


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Sep 10, 2004
Ok, what music do u listen to when u are in the following moods?
  • [1] Angry
    [2] fed up
    [3] Happy
    [4] Going somewhere nice (holiday, shopping etc)

(I know this is in teens, but u can all have a go!!)

I think I listen to fast/angry music when I'm angry. Like, rock or Rage Against the Machine.

I'm not really sure, though I do listen to nice songs that have nice memories attached to them when I'm happy or optimistic. Like Lighthouse Family - High. Or The Foundations - Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch.

Singalongable songs when I'm going somewhere nice and when I'm happy. Like Aretha Franklin - Respect.
[1] Angry- Mostly Good Charlotte, or Robbie Williams.
[2] fed up- "
[3] Happy- "
[4] Going somewhere nice (holiday, shopping etc)- "

As u can see i am a HUGE good charlotte fan. it is almost all i listen to
well an all rounder song for me is from an anime series i love to bits, Witch Hunter Robin. i downloaded some eps and then found the music its called Shell and its by Bana. if im happier it keeps me that way if im sad it cheers me up
even though its in Romaji or Japanese and i dont really understand it
i read the lyrics

download and have a listen
it's listead as "Shell" and its aboot 4-6mb download
then unzip it and listen away
[1] Angry - Disturbing hard rock music like Manson or Nine Inch Nails
[2] fed up - What ever is depressing to listen to i guess, sad songs, piano, bacarolle by tchaikovsky
[3] Happy - anything
[4] Going somewhere nice (holiday, shopping etc) - anything!
new list:
[1] Angry - GC, Sex Pistols, Greenday
[2] fed up - i play my piano
[3] Happy - what i feel like
but mostly the same as my first answer

[4] Going somewhere nice (holiday, shopping etc) - depends on who i go with
[1] Angry=Green Day*Boulevard of broken Dreams*
[2] fed up=Mariah Carey*we Belong Together*
[3] Happy=Mike Jones *Back Then*
[4] Going somewhere nice (holiday, shopping etc=50 cent *Candy Shop*