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What Makeup Do You Wear On A Daily Basis?

What makeup do you wear on a daily basis?

  • just foundation

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Sep 10, 2004
For work, or just an ordinary day, how much make up do you wear?
for school i wear foundation, powder, eye shadow, sometimes lipgloss
and sometimes eyeliner and mascara

every other day i wear basically just the same
I voted none. I rarely wear make-up only if I am going out out. I am one of these people that has been fortunate enough never to have to wear foundation. Alas now I have hit the big 30 I am beginning to think I may need some coverage. My skin is becoming different to how it used to be.
I also voted 'none'. Though I definitely like wearing make-up and love the way it looks, I just don't think it's good for your health overall. I don't like the idea of putting on foundation everyday so it blocks my pores. I've been going natural for a while... and I very rarely put any make up on.
it all depends on what im wearing like if a i have a red shirt on i may use gold but if i have like a pink or blue ill use light purple...

other wise mascara eye line blush and foundation and eye shadow...
i usually wear mascara and eye liner and lip balm/gloss. only things i'm not allergic to
i have sensitive skin, so i can't really where make up, but my skin is pretty good anyway
I wear Mary Kay products! I usually wear just Foundation Unless I'm going somewhere! If I go somewhere I usually wear foundation, eye liner, mascara, lip gloss & eye shadow (even tho I have an allergic reaction to all eye liners & mascaras
) thats if I'm not in a lazy mood
. I dont wear any makeup at all in the summer, if I did I'd break out really bad!
I am a makeup freak although I like to take a break and let my skin breath sometimes. But most of the time I like to put it on for fun. It's kind of weird because I feel like putting makeup on close to the night sometimes. For me it's all in the mood. =]
When I'm at home I wear absolutely nothing.
But when I am outdoors, I wear eyeliner, blush-on, foundation and lip gloss.
That's just enough to enhance my look. I wear them really light.