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Two students...


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Sep 10, 2004
Two students at Wyomina Park Elementary
School in Ocala, Fla., were caught doodling in class. The 9- and 10-
year-old boys had drawn stick figures purportedly showing a classmate
being hanged, with other stick figures "holding knives pointed through"
his body.

The teacher called in the school's dean, who called in the
police, who called in the State Attorney's Office for consultation.

The boys were arrested, handcuffed and charged with "making a written
threat to kill or harm another person," a felony. The mother of the 9-
year-old says her son was upset at the boy supposedly in the drawing
since that boy had been pushing and shoving him at school. She said her
son, a special education student, would not be able to associate the
drawing with actual physical violence. (Ocala Star-Banner) ...With him
in jail, then, the bullying is complete.
Now that is stupid, Im sorry being from Florida I have to say they over reacted. If I was the mom I would have to kill someone
My nephew almost got done for a felony aswell, he is 12 in march, His Grandfather had gave him a pen knife while he was out one day, he placed it into my nephews bag so he could take it home. While at school the next week a kid saw the knife and told the teacher, my nephew was taken in custody and not realesed for almost 12 hours. Then my brother had to higher a lawyer to fight for him not going to jail for 3 months. DUMB LAWS if you ask me. My 2cents Sorry for the rant!
They are very strict over there huh? I hadn't realised u were from Florida, which part? I knew u are American, didn't know which area!
Born in Texas lived there 7 days moved all over (army brat) the last 14 years b4 I came here was in Kissimmee Florida right outside of Orlando.

Strict over there, NO just stupid I'd say