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Twins Seeing Double Once Again


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Sep 10, 2004
Twin sisters in Middleburg Heights, Ohio, are seeing double again, but this time, it's not twins. Mary Maurer and Melanie Glavich gave birth to sons within 35 minutes of each other in neighboring hospital rooms after both went into labor two weeks early.

Melanie, who shared the same due date with her sister, went into labor first, and her sister had to drive her to the hospital. On the way Mary started feeling some discomfort too, and when the sisters arrived at the hospital they found out she was also in labor.

Unhappy they couldn't provide support for one another during labor, the sisters found a way to communicate.

"We would call each other on our cell phones and see how each other was doing," Mary said. "It was wonderful being able to use them in the hospital because it was hard not being able to be with each other."

My guy is a twin and he did not know that his twin sister had gone into labour with either of her bab9ies...he had labour pains as well and had to phone up to see if she was ok...he is always getting pains when his sister is unwell.