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Twinklie text tutorial


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Sep 10, 2004
Anyone know how to make... these type of twinklies....


I want to make sparkly things!!!!!! I have Paint shop pro and photoshop?
Jen - once Bubbles has told me how to make them *hint hint Bubbles*, I will make you a special pink Jen one
Well here is a pictureless tutorial for photoshop hopefully you can follow

1. New document (400 x 100) small things are just so hard to work with in more ways than one...

2. Type desired text

3. right click on the layer in the layer windows and choose rasterize layer.

4. right click again and duplicate layer.

5. hold down ctrl and click on the one that says yourtext (the text you typed) copy.

6. now select the brush tool from the tools and choose an apropriate brush or brushes you can use more than one.. and start makin wee sparkly marks every where once youve done that go to filter>noise>add noise then filter>artistic>film grain the default settings on these will do.

7. in the layer window click on the wee eye next to the yourtext copy one so that it disapears and shows the layer behind and repeat stage 5 and 6 with that.

8. Now click at the bottom of the tools.. jump to image ready

9. ummm gets dificult if you dont know what your doing here i think i'll need some pictures lol anyhooo what you want to do in the animation real i think its the wee square looking thing if you put your mouse over it it should say duplicate blah do that

10. Now you should have two thingmy ma bobs click on the first one and then click one of the eyes in the layer so it hides one of the layers now if you click on the two scenes they should look different. make it so that its on forever and 0.1 seconds delay(at the bottom of the scene)

11. go to save optimised as and save your new glitter thingy as whatever.

ps. if you need some more help i'll try do some images to make it easier *sigh* lol
Jen I do you one when I get back - gotta go out for a bit!! Or if you have Photoshop... have a go!!
Heres something i have drawn badly lol but i used the same kinda method to animate the eyes
you could be an excellent artist like me too lol