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Twin survives abortion

Discussion in 'Girlie Gossip' started by Snowbaby, Apr 25, 2005.

  1. Snowbaby

    Snowbaby Active Member

    London - A 20-year-old Scottish woman is suing a hospital where she had an abortion in 2001 after one of her twins survived the operation.

    Stacy Dow, who is raising her now three-year-old daughter Jayde with her parents, said late on Sunday she is seeking £250 000 (nearly R3m) to cover the costs of raising the child.

    "I have got a child now that I wasn't planning to have and I believe the hospital should take some responsibility for that," she said.

    She said the hospital in Perth, Scotland where she had her operation had failed "to take reasonable care to establish that the termination had been successful".

    Dow was 16 when she learned in early 2001 that she was pregnant and immediately decided to have an abortion.

    Although the operation was declared a success, she realised several weeks later after visiting a doctor that she was still pregnant with one of her twins.

    She then gave birth in August of that year.

    In a similar case in 2001, a 36-year-old mother from Stafford in central England received £10 000 compensation under an amicable agreement with a surgeon who had failed to end her pregnancy.

  2. Lostchild1962

    Lostchild1962 New Member

    WOW!! I knew a girl who lived from an abortion..My birthmom tryed to abort me as well..but I lived, then she threw me in the trash, so Im very lucky someone heard my crys.. [​IMG]
  3. merlin1974

    merlin1974 New Member

    Perhaps i'm completely wrong here - but does it not strike any of you as a little entertaining that a 16yr old is suing a hospital for a mistake that is initially hers????

    I mean surely if she'd used a condom to start with or been on the pill perhaps she wouldn't have gotten pregnant in the first place which warranted the hospital to carry out an abortion.

    Also with scanning techniques in early stages still being a little bit questionable - it's hardly surprising that they missed a set of twins at early stages. If she realised several weeks later that she'd still been pregnant she could have rebooked for a second abortion, which would have meant she did not need to raise the child that she so obviously doesn't want.

    How do you as a mother explain to your child as they get older that you sued the hospital she was born at because they failed to "terminate her", without that child feeling totally dejected and unwanted? If the mother doesn't tell her am sure as hell she'll find out from somewhere as she gets older these things always come out.

    Next we'll be having 13-16yr olds suing schools for not providing sufficient sex education to stop them getting pregnant in the first place!

    It's taken her 3 years to decide on this which begs the question of "american sue culture" for nothing but financial gain!

    If i've offended anyone am sorry - i am not anti abortion i'm just anti abortion being used as a form of contraceptive!
  4. merlin1974

    merlin1974 New Member

    sorry - am just totally disgusted!
  5. Tiddlyjen

    Tiddlyjen New Member

    Merlin.... [​IMG]
    I completely 110% agree with you! It's absolutely disgusting in my view...not the fact that the abortion did work correctly but that it's taken this mother three years to finally sue...and the fact that if she honestly didnt want the child, she could have given Jayde (as her name is yes?) up for adoption and held to the anonynimity ruling to STOP the fact that when Jayde is older she will indeed feel dejected and unwanted!!
  6. Bubbles

    Bubbles New Member

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div>
    Perhaps she could have but if shes wasnt well educated on the subject she wouldnt know any better.. and whos to say she wasnt on the pill the pill dosent always prevent pregnancy and really accidents can happen like a drunken thumble.. maybe take the morning after pill i hear you muttering.. but that wont always work either.. Pills dont solve every problem although they can cause more problems later in life [​IMG] There are always what ifs and surelys.. but most of the time these are too late.

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div>
    And why not.. in this day and age they should be providing sex education that actually lets people know about everything instead of just sticking on a video and saying watch this.. and to be quite honest.. the videos themselfs were outdate and have been kicking around since 19"canteen" back when i was still at school 8 years ago.

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div>
    Financial gain or not.. the goverment take money off us every year to pay for healthcare and such if we feel we did not receive the right treatment why shoudlnt we sue.. yes maybe it couldnt be help or maybe it was a misjudgement but these fault shouldnt be happening with the sort of money the goverment could be putting into healthcare.. if your looking to blame anyone blame the goverment.

    Just look at the elections at the moment.. they are a farse, i wouldnt vote for anyone of them.. even what they are promising to do.. is still not enough for me they are aiming on certain subjects which i couldnt care less about.. and no doubt all the other people that dont see anyone of them fit for voting will just vote labour again.. The sad reallity is that it dont matter who is governing our country everyone that aint financialy stable will suffer.

    "Bubble's final conclusion".. Why get annoyed upset about silly matters like this.. who actually cares if one person is suing the health sector for a fault they made who cares about the bechams relationship problems.. or any other celebrities problems.. come to think about it.. why dont people actually worry about themselfs instead of diverting problems they may have by complaining or worrying about other peoples problems. If more people would actually take notice of what is happening around them to society and stop using the goverments tactic of going... oh lets help someone else (other countries for instance) or lets make someone elses life worse (oh diverting to other countries again) , The world would be such a better place to live in [​IMG]
  7. Tiddlyjen

    Tiddlyjen New Member

    [​IMG] i do hear what you're saying Bubbles, I spose we should'nt get our noses out of joint with other people's business and should look at ourselves and our own issues within society...
    I cannot stand this whole abortion issue as a whole to be honest...it's like you said; 'There are always what ifs', and it makes it very hard to have a clearly defined position on the topic really doesn't it??
  8. fastchaz36

    fastchaz36 New Member

    I agree that if she didn't want the girl so badly why as she still got her. Its all for money now and that is prob the only reason they still have her.
    at the end of the day she is alive and a child she as got to be treated like that. I was on the pill each time i caught so i think i will sue three times because it didn't work:D . It don't work like that does it. Silly woman [​IMG]
    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div>
    Lostchild Wasyou relly left inn the tras OH MY GOD. How could anyone do that to a baby. Its bad enuff people doing it to animals
    Lots of hugs to you
  9. merlin1974

    merlin1974 New Member

    They provide sex education to the limit that parents will allow!

    In our area sex education is great because parents understand that their children need educating - but remember that alot of parents don't want their children subjected to such broad teaching because they believe their minds are too young - but if a 13yr old is old enuff to get pregnant then she's old enuff to be taught about birth control - both in the home and at school.

    My daughter will be brought up in a manner that allows her to feel secure in asking me things without thinking she's going to be berated for it - education starts at home and only if your child feels secure with you will they benefit from further education at school.
  10. merlin1974

    merlin1974 New Member

    as i said previously i'm sorry if anyone was offended - the beauty of people is they all have individual opinions.

    I guess i'm speaking the voice of a person who is fed up of witnessing teenagers blaming everyone else for their problems and not taking responsibility themselves.

    I mean you comment on drunken fumbles - which again confronts underage drinking - i know it happens but it happens because of modern culture making it acceptable if illegal for kids to get drunk, have sex, take drugs all before the legal age limit!

    I live on a new estate and it's nice except for the 12 teenagers who group together outside our front doors in the kids play park, smoking, drinking, grafittying private property etc.... and casing point on lack or respect due to modern culture - is when my father asks politely if they own the property they're defacing and they reply non of your f**ckin business grandad! They then go on to throw bottles at my home and when threatened with the police just laugh their heads off -(these were girls not boys) teenagers are no longer scared of authority or respect it and you can blame sex education for teenage pregnancy all you want but i believe it isn't lack of sex education that's to blame - it's that kids these days don't really care!

    I'm fully aware that all teenagers are not like this in fact my previous neighbours 14yr old is adorable and has a very level head - because she doesn't go with the crowd she has her own mind and uses it. But where as when i was 15 i was trusted to babysit peoples children there's not one teenager around me that i'd let within 100yards of my 3yr old

    Sex education is in school, it should be in the home, and it's in every soap opera going so teenagers can no longer use the excuse of lack of education or knowledge for problems with contraception - i don't believe it is a valid excuse - butg again that's just my opinion and i don't expect everyone to agree.

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