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Discussion in 'Come in and have a moan!' started by thistle, May 17, 2005.

  1. thistle

    thistle New Member

    I HATE toothache !

    So one of my wisdom teeth is sooooo painful I'm up practically every night. It is literally crumbling to pieces. My dentist decided 3 years ago to go private....."Poor people go away" I wasn't working at the time and could afford to pay for private dental care so he took me off his list [​IMG] . the only other dentist in town decided to do the same. NEITHER will consider taking on NHS patients......in fact even if I wanted to go private now I can't because they have decided they have too many people on their books and aren't taking on any new patients full stop !.

    So I have no dentist, at this rate I'm going to have to wait untilI get some sort of infection in my tooth so that the doctor can refer me to the hospital dentist to get my wisdom tooth removed........doctor can't refer me unless it get's seriously bad.

    So to all you dentists out there who decided to go private and stick 2 fingers up to those of your patients who simply can't afford to keep you in flashy new cars every year........YOU SUCK !

  2. Snowbaby

    Snowbaby Active Member

    Gawd that sucks, Im so glad my dentist back home introduced me to "Dental Plan" when I was still in college. I'm still on it now, i pay a set amount per month, regardless of how little or how much treatment I need.

    Thisty I sympathise, I have had more than my fair share of tooth infections and MY GOD it hurts and is so horrible as you just wanna curl up and sleep for a week! [​IMG]
  3. Tia

    Tia New Member

    Thistle I feel for you. [​IMG]

    In Australia we have private insurance which costs a bomb, or upto a 2 yr wait for people on pensions for the dental clinics.
    For the average person like me, we have to find the money for a dental visit. It's easy to find a dentist it's just not as easy finding the money to pay them.

    Just recently my mouth started hurting and I put it down to my wisdom tooth pushing the other teeth forward. This continued for a week but by the end of the week I was in tears of pain and on really serious painkillers.

    I found a dentist who got me in that day and found out yes the wisdom tooth was pushing the other teeth, and one tooth had crumbled under it's filling exposing all the nerve endings. He said you must be in considerable pain. Like no kidding. [​IMG]

    Anyway it cost me $220 to fix the problem and while it was an extraction of the damaged tooth I didn't feel a thing. Great dentist. [​IMG]

    I've still got a few potentional problems to get fixed which I'm saving for now.

    Have you tried baby teething gel on your gums, that can often help numb the pain if it's not serious.
  4. thistle

    thistle New Member

    Yer that works on the other side (which bizarrely swells up when the bad tooth on the opposite side hurts). But I think the only answer is to get it taken out [​IMG]
  5. Tia

    Tia New Member

    Honestly, when I just got this tooth out it was totally painless and I had no problems afterwards.

    It's definitely worth getting out if it's causing continued pain. [​IMG]
  6. martina

    martina New Member

    that sucks big time i hope you are going to be alright

  7. thistle

    thistle New Member

    lol Tia that's my point, I need it taken out........I WANT it taken out. Unfortunately there's the small matter of not having a dentist to do it [​IMG]
  8. Snowbaby

    Snowbaby Active Member

    Offers thisty some string and a door handle [​IMG]

  9. thistle

    thistle New Member


    OMG ! I remember my dad actually did that to me when I was wee [​IMG]
  10. Potholer

    Potholer Active Member


    Awwww poor you T!!! *hugs* Is there a public dentist within driving distance? Maybe you could go on a road trip. Stop off at the dentist when you next go meet up Snowy and Daz and the lot of 'em, heh.

    Darn those private dentists to heck!

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