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Thunder And Lightning

Do you like thunder and lighning

  • Yes, I sit and watch it

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  • Dont mind, it just keep watching tele

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  • No, terrified and turn electricity off

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New Member
Feb 21, 2005
Nottingham U.K
I love it my self I have always grown up with my dad taking me to the window or in the car and looking thru the sun roof it wicked my kids love it.

It was really bad last night and the just slept straight thru it
And I can hear other kids on the street screeming
feel sorry for them if it going to hit you it will its not going to help if you get yourself all worked up over it
Any way what do you think?
We had MEGA thunder tonight - I said I don't mind it.... lightning is fine.... thunder... OMG NO!!!! lol
i said i dont mind but that was some scary stuff
the lights were flickering too
i was at my friends house
I love it, I just hate when you get a really loud thunder bang straight over your head.
*See's a HUGE crack of lightning and hears the biggesdt rumble*
I love thunder and lightning!