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This Is True And Please Read This 4 Ur Safety


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Jul 4, 2005
This conversation is completely true, not made up.

Please, don't scroll ahead.

DeadNBl00DY 069: Why, Hello there.
bbEachBayBi xo:uhh heyy?
DeadNBl00DY 069 : Well how are you my dear?
bbEachBayBi xo: iim good, but i got 1 question.....who is this?
DeadNBl00DY 069: Funny you should ask that, for I am your worst nightmare. I'm all that you fear, all that you never want to happen, and I've chosen you, Lauren as my next.
bbEachBayBi xo: omg!! how did u knw my name?? lol this is prolly just a joke do i knw u from school?
DeadNBl00DY 069: No, you don't know me. But, i've stalked you, watched you every waking moment for the past week. I know all that you've done, and all that you can never do.
bbEachBayBi xo: alright. i wanna knw who this is rite now its not funny ne more
DeadNBl00DY 069: Who ever said this would be for laughs? Not I. This is all real, not a joke. I'd just watch my back if I were you.
bbEachBayBi xo:eek:kayyy u tell me rite now who u r. im gettin really scared
DeadNBl00DY 069: Who I am? Oh, my dear dear Lauren. I'm not important. I must go now, but If I were you, I'd stay locked away safe in your room. Even have a weapon near by if that makes you feel better. Not as if that will help you. I know your home alone, that your in your room right now, watching the computer screen with worry. Your little dog is by your side too, but he won't help you if anything say, deadly was about to kill you.
bbEachBayBi xo: omg how do u knw all this, are u watchin me? plz i jst wanna knw who u r! i nvr did nething wrong jst plz tel me!
DeadNBl00DY 069: You'll figure out who I am soon enough, my dear. Good-bye.
DeadNBl00DY 069 has signed off.

Later on, the girl just decided it was all a prank, probably just one of her friends from school trying to scare her. Her parents were out at a party, she couldn't go because she had studying to do. If she didn't ace this test, she'd be in deep trouble. While sitting at her desk, the lights a bit dim, and her dog sound asleep, laying on her bed, she heard a slight rap at the window. Her blinds were shut, and it was 10:30 at night. Had it been a bird? Must've been, because she was on the second story of her house, how could anyone have reached it. She got up to look, but decided to just forget about it. Deciding she should take a break from the books and get a glass of milk, she went downstairs and opened the refrigerator. She walked past the Living Room, where the door to the shadowy basement was open, and a light was on. She thought maybe her sister was home early from a sleepover, or her parents were back so soon. She walked down, for some reassurance that she wasn't home alone anymore, but found that no one was home. Thinking nothing of it, she drank her milk and came back upstairs to finish studying and then get a good nights sleep. She pet her dog on the head, and sat back at her little desk in the corner. She noticed a light was on in her closet, and was a bit confused. She never turned that light on in the first place. She walked to the closet, carefully taking slow steps. She grabbed the baseball bat her brother had left in her room, and grasped it tightly with both hands and opened the door real fast. All of a sudden, a squeaky clown nose rolled across the floor in front of her, and was glad there was nothing in her closet. It was just something from a halloween party two years ago. She sat on her bed to pet her little dog, and something with long sharp nails quickly grasped her ankle. As she fell to the floor, it let go and quickly ran out into the hallway. It was too fast for her to see. She quickly ran and shut the door, grabbed the baseball bat, and tried to find her cell phone to call the police. Of course it was dead. A rattling noice in her closet sounded and she opened it to see a clown standing there. A smirk upon his face, an evil one, the kind you should fear. She tried to run, but all she could do was get a couple of inchces before he started to eat her alive. All that was left of her was a few bones and some blood.

Later, police found out that a man that had been locked away in jail for cannibalism had escaped. Everyone feared, because he wasn't found ever again.

If a man with the screen name DeadNBl00DY 069 ims you, you shouldn't answer, and stay around as many people as you can.

snowy please dont close this i digged out info and i am trying to save even if it is not truth 50 % 50 % it is and i read it
so please
Tis just a story.....

If someone was alone, and died... how could anyone describe her actions?

"she walked slowly"..... how in the world would they know?
it was told because the guy who did it killed liked tat and FBI agents found out the way he kills and checked w/e Aol AIm thingy ok guys that what i were told is truth
Jus for the even if it is not truth never answer deadNBLOODY069
Yes...because he could use that log on, being a killer, and it would be totally untraceable....

Surely if he was that sick, hes change it each time he found a new victim....

Tis an urban legend.
good story