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The welcome thread

A big welcome to tigger, she is a forum virgin so please be gentle with her ;)

Snoooowy!!!!! Guess who's here? :lol: Looks great!!! Love the pink! :wub:

-----> :drunk: love this smiley
-----> :angel: love this smiley
-----> :haha: love this smiley

Dot :lol:
Hello again arwenpotter ;) :tu:

ANd Dotty!!!!!!! hello!! welcome to both of u, great to see u here :D :woohoo:
Welcome to snowy's blossom ( and everyone else that I have neglected to welcome lol )

word of advice tho......watch out for snowy.....She's Evil, EVIL I tell you !.....I mean she spends her spare time shooting characters from Kids telly ! *faints*

Hi,new today...saw the link in your sig on UM Snowy and decided to take a look.

Couldn't resist joining as you have a lot of really cool members

Hi Dot,Thistle,Arwenpotter,Orangeblossom and everyone else I know. :tu:

Well, there's so many people, I think it's time to bring out the drinks, right?



Mmmm underaged drinking