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The "three Statements" Game


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Sep 10, 2004
Hello :wave2:

Here's how it works....

I post three statements about myself, one is fake, two are real..... the person who posts next has to guess my fake one, and post three about themselves (again, one is false, two are real).... the next person does the same and so on and so on.

You can post as many times as you wish, as long as you keep with one fake, and two real
I'll start us off with.........
  • 1. I was deaf until 5 years of age
    2. I have almost drowned twice in my life
    3. I own a ford fiesta car
Come on..... which is the fake statement?
1. ?

1. My father is cockney, and my mother a speech teacher
2. Died once in hospital for a matter of moments
3. Had my appendics out, and got infected.
Dang it.....

2. ?

And im gonna try again....

1. I had a black cat called snowy
2. I called my dog turtle
3. I called my brothers cat sponge
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Nopes!! I WAS deaf until age 5
I DID almost drown twice in my life

However, I own a citroen saxo hehe!! Nice try Ubby

Ok who's gonna try Subby.s....
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1. I had a black cat called snowy
2. I called my dog turtle
3. I called my brothers cat sponge[/b]

1. I have been county champion in athletics for javelin shot and discus two years in a row
2. I have done a bungey jump from 100ft
3. I got a black belt in Karate at 13 years old
subbys = 1

chaz = 1

heres mine

1. ive met Akon ( THE SINGER )

2. i was 3 months premature

3. i have a job in a barbars shop
no. 2?

1) I have a cat called PDD (please dont die)

2) I was born in Inverness, Scotland like Snowy

3) I have royal blood in me from....*rolls eyes and whistles* somewhere