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The Suicide Bomb Plot Hatched In Yorkshire


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Sep 10, 2004
The terrorists responsible for the Tube and bus attacks in London have been revealed as home-grown suicide bombers.

The four young British men, all thought to be of Pakistani origin, are believed to have blown themselves up with rucksack bombs on Thursday, killing at least 52 people.

Three of the bodies of the terrorists responsible for what was the first suicide bombing in western Europe have been identified, while a fourth is thought to be among the remains in the wreckage on the Piccadilly line between King's Cross and Russell Square.

Police raids at six homes in north Yorkshire yesterday also led to one arrest. But senior security sources warned last night that they suspected al-Qa'ida planners ­ bomb-makers and organisers ­ were still at large and further suicide bombings were likely. The four men, including one teenager, all from Leeds and Dewsbury in West Yorkshire, were not considered Islamic extremists and were not thought to have significant links with terrorism.

The realisation that British nationals are prepared to make suicide attacks has transformed the way the country will have to view security.

"What we considered normal has changed forever," said a senior security source.

Security measures at all public places will have to be rethought. Tough new security laws are also expected to be introduced to try to combat the threat.

Anti-terrorist officers raided houses in Leeds and Dewsbury where they found a "bomb factory" believed to belong to at least one of the terrorists.

Explosives were also found in a car at Luton railway station, which is thought to have been used by the bombers to drive from Leeds on Thursday.

Police searched Colenso Mount in Leeds, the home of Hasib Hussain, believed to be responsible for the bomb on the No 30 bus that blew up in Tavistock Square. They also raided Colwyn Road in Leeds, the home of Shahzad Tanweer, believed to be responsible for the Aldgate blast.

Searches also took place at the home of Naveed Fiaz in Stratford Street, Leeds, and Rashid Facha, in Lees Holm in Dewsbury.

It is understood that 19-year-old Hussain's driving licence and credit cards were found in the wreckage of the No 30 bus. The bus bomber is thought to have failed to get on a Northern line train so boarded a bus instead. For some reason he detonated his bomb nearly an hour after his fellow terrorists had exploded theirs.

Tanweer, age 23, the man believed to have been responsible for the Aldgate blast, was seen by police officers on CCTV footage. Scotland Yard said the footage of the four men at King's Cross station shows them with their rucksack bombs minutes before the attacks.

Tanweer and Hussain's houses were among six raided by West Yorkshire Police. The men are known to have been missing since last week. Tanweer, who was said by neighbours near his home in the Beeston area of Leeds, to have been a university graduate and keen local cricketer, had not been at home since last week, which had been a cause of concern for his father Mohammed, who runs a chip shop near the family home.

His friend, Azzy Mohammed, said: "We played cricket together and I could not imagine him doing anything to hurt anyone as he has a very strong family."

It's a very sad world we live in when people have to plot things like the London (and elsewhere) attacks.

Apparently there was another bomb scare today in London, causing a lot of roads to be closed to the public. There are too many bomb scares just now. Makes you wonder where it will all end, and WHY these "people" feel it is necessary to hurt/kill innocent people.