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The secret life of women

A secret that I have trouble accepting and dealing with is that I'm doing a lot of things for other people. Studying what I study for the sake of my parents and their peace of mind, making plans that... I don't really care about for the sake of others. It's true, though, that I don't have very specific plans of my own in place anyway... So what I'm doing with my life right now is smth like a "holding action". We'll see how it goes...
I have a couple of secrets that know one knows about me and some only my best friend knows. Here recently I have been trying to changed and be open with my boyfriend (we've been together 5 years now) and come clean and he has done the same. The only part I feel guilty about is not telling him EVERYTHING! For example I cheated on him with a girl, I told him that , But what I didn't tell him was that it was in our house in our bed.My moto has always been if you lie , DENY, DENY, DENY. LOL I just feel like something's are better locked away in box until death do us part. AM I WRONG?