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The internet


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Sep 12, 2004
New Zealand
We having the most horrid time with the net lately.

We're on dialup with a 56k modem. So the normal speed used to be 50.6kb/s. But now it connects at 33kb/s. But wait, it gets worse. Often it also connects at 31. Yesterday I got 19. Then 12. Then 4.8. Yes, you did read that correctly. It connected at the speed at 4.8kb/s. FOUR POINT EIGHT.

Ok, so lets say it connects at a decent speed (like 33kb/s hahahahahaha). The chances of it staying online are small. But I'm starting to see a pattern regarding that. The net has no problem staying on as long as one does not use MSN.

Just before I tried to say hi to thistle. It disconnects. Reconnect. Hi. Disconnects. Reconnect. Say nothing to her but leave the chat screen open. Disconnects. Reconnect. Give up. (Hello T!)

Jeepers creepers.

*shakes fist at MSN and internet*

Right now it's connected at 21. I can't be bothered trying for something higher. I bet that, if I listened carefully to the dialup fuzzy noises it makes when it connects, I'd be able to hear laughter. And then it would connect at 6. And it would laugh some more.

Oh, it seems I've been disconnected. *reconnects* And I wasn't even using msn!

Grrrrrrr *deep breathes*
Yes, yes indeed, you hit it right on the head, Tiddly. But, a bit too softly. Let me hit *it* on the head *goes looking for her friend Mr Baseball Bat*...
Originally posted by Potholer@Dec 17 2004, 11:25 PM
Just before I tried to say hi to thistle. It disconnects. Reconnect. Hi. Disconnects. Reconnect. Say nothing to her but leave the chat screen open. Disconnects. Reconnect. Give up. (Hello T!)
Awwwwwwww poor Potty...I figured you wee having puter probs when I kept getting this very cautious "hello T?" lol

and just so you know, her was my reply....

*clears throat*

"P !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

actually you just popped up on my msn now.......and disappeared again :cry:

Hope you get it sorted soon
Heh aww thanks T! :) :)

I really hope it'll be sorted soon too. We rang our IP (Paradise) and they told us that it might be water in the mains and therefore we should ring the power people (Telecom). Telecom tells us to unpluf everything that uses the phone line (the modem and 4 phones and the network jsut in case). And then they tell us they can't see anything wrong on their end so it must be us.

So we bought a new modem. We're connecting at higher speeds and I haven't been disconnected yet but it still requires more testing...Apparently every time it rains here more water gets into the mains and it gets worse and worse so it's still very possible it's that.

Ah, I hope it stays like this (high speeds, no disconnection) *crosses fingers*
Hehe, thanks Tiddly!

The net is back to normal now :D. Well, mostly, there is the odd time when it connects at 28, but it's alright because it can easily be fixed.

And we have changed IPs so now we have unlimited access :D.
Hahahahaha I am this <-------------------------------------------> silly for thinking Telecom were right when they said the problem was at our end.

Not only have we switched IPs but we also got a new modem. It is an internal one which makes it very irritating when the internet decides to connect all by itself and you can't do anything about it except sit at the computer while doing other things and click "cancel" each time it dials. With an external I could just turn the darned thing off.

But anyways. Just before we connected at 19kb/s. That means the problem hasn't been fixed - just patched up with duct tape. And seeing as we are using a different IP and a different modem, the only thing left the same is.....wait for it.......that's right......TELECOM.

Who is annoyed with Telecom?

*waves hand around* I am! I am!
YEY potty at least it's all fixed and we are blessed with ur presence opnce again, I was having pottywithdrawls :no:

:twirl: :star: :twirl: :star: :twirl: YEY for Pottyyyyyy :twirl: :star: :twirl: :star: :twirl:
Awwwwwwwww *warm fuzzies*

Yeah, the one other annoying thing is that a lot of the time, when we dial on our unlimited IP it is often busy. Thank goodness we still have our 250hour IP.

eee Goddess *smacks it on the head*

i wondered why so many tiems you signed on and i tried to talk to you and you were offline....

oh just for those who dont msn plus is a virus-ee so be careful and have some sort of blocker ;) comes up on our ad-watch every time we log into one of users since msn coems up automatically :) just giving heads up :)