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The Fostering Of Psychopaths In Family Court

How many agree that the only genuinely qualified experts are their victims.

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Kates David

New Member
Apr 23, 2016
I consider it just a shade unfortunate that our legal system fosters performance/out performance (psychopaths and sociopaths) They "do n`t exist" do they? Actually they are very common. Winning in family court gains a psychopathic male income from two sources, the first his current victim, his wife, property, respect, and enhanced power, everything which they most sought. The system, the courts especially, but even on many occasion social services, are simply to naive to weed them out. They are often made the primary carer, and granted the full benefits by way the respect which comes with this position. My lodger, 24 yrs. an exemplary mother, was n`t allowed anywhere near her children for an entire year. For this period he successfully bartered their lives for sex. What should they have expected, he`s a psychopath? She didn`t complain for that very obvious reason, she herself had a terrible time of it in care. The system is loaded with idiots! - On occasion, including her own, their victim is not even allowed to state her case in family court/the psychopaths file/her file on the psychopath cannot be opened, and the judge operates as a God, judging without the evidence.
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