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The First Day.


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Nov 10, 2004
My baby started pre-school today. It was a time of smiles :partygirl: and tears :no: .
I hated watching her scream and call out for mummy when I left her, the guilt doesn't get any easier no matter how many kids you have. I've been assured she stopped within 5 minutes and didn't cry again all day, joining in with the activities and kids.
I'm dreading next week, :help: so any ideas on keeping it real positive. I've gone over the fun things she's done and have started talking about her 4th birthday in a couple of months and telling her that all the new friends she makes can come to her party.
The pre-school is really good their hours are open, they allow her to wear her nappies and suck her dummy. Lots of cuddles are given if needed.
tell her that she'll have much much much more fun @ kindy!
o0oh and tell her that she's a big girl and that she'll get lots of cuddles when she comes home :yes:
and say to her: "well do we have never ending supplies of paint and playdough?"
bless ya tia, i have experienced 3 kids first day in nursery (kindy) for those i nannied for. I feel for u, it's not easy. I was lucky, 2 of them were happy to go. I only had trouble with 1, he was very shy and didnt want his "nana" (he couldn't say Fiona :grinlove: ) to leave him.

All I can say is, it gets easier, and from experience beofrehand, u will know this.

Fill her head before she goes, or on the way, with thoughts of playdough, paint, lego (or other games they have there). That was how i did it, "Remember u really liked playing with the lego yesterday, u can do that again!"
She will eventually settle into it, you just have to give her time. Ben started school in September which was horrible, he cried for the first few weeks and wouldn't go in on his own but now he loves it
It's been 4 weeks now, and Jordan is starting to settle down more quickly once we get her to preschool.
Only now she starts at home as soon as you get her dressed and she knows it's Monday.
Oh well, hopefully soon she'll settle completely and we'll be able to start on potty training again.
Chloe was totally opposite when she started nursery, she had her introduction in june and didn't start till september she cried her eyes out because she couldn't understand why she couldn't go back
strange child.

She is still the same now she can't stand weekend and can't understand why teachers need holidays
( me neither

She starts reception class after easter holidays its like pre infants get them used to dinners. I'm dreding it
she can't wait.

My baby is growing up to quick

My daughter was same - she goes to nursery in morning comes home for lunch and now goes to pre-school in afternoon and she loves it!

I sometimes have mothers asking me how can i take her every day surely it's cruel but my belief is that if your child is enjoying themselves in their education then it is a good thing and should be encouraged - if for any reason i thought my little girl was unhappy i'd reduce her time at nursery/school.

I feel for all you parents who's children have a terribly upsetting first time and i'm glad my daugther took to it soo well.

Chin up - they'll love it in the end!
^ I'm still waiting for that to happen.

I know she's enjoying it when I'm not there, Jordan just makes me feel guilty getting her there.
Ah well this is something our head person at nursery Helen told us - almost 99% of children who seem unhappy when dropped off are only unhappy in presence of their parents - soon as the parents disappear and they've had a cuddle from staff they are as happy as the rest of the children.

Children learn about power and manipulation at a very early age (sometimes as early as 18months) and so if they know that you get upset that they are reacting this way when you drop them off then they will play on it because it gives them power.

That may sound a bit strong - but for children it's about learning how the world works and so they very often don't know their being manipulative but they know it gets a reaction so they use it.

Just take comfort in the fact that if your child was unhappy after you left and this carried on for a period of days then the nursery would tell you - the fact that they haven't means that she is really ok there - she's just making it known that she doesn't like her seperation from you at the start.

How you react now will depict how they act and react at school as they get older and how they interact with other children at school as they get older.

So drop her off, smile, tell her you love her and to have a good day and then turn and walk away - don't look back because this is what she may be expecting. If she realises your not going to look back then she'll no londer turn on the tearworks, because it will have no reaction.
oh and always make a big fuss when it comes to hometime about looking at her never ending supply of pictures, paintings, drawings, nick nacks etc... lol

Am losing space for all the stuff my little one's dun for me am starting to give it out to relatives as gifts! lol
We only get a small amount of stuff coming home, the pre-school keeps the rest and glues it into a scrap book which each child will bring home at the end of the year.
Thats what they always do cry going there and as soon as they see you start again so it look's like they have been crying the whole time and make you feel so guilty lol
I'm so glad mine don't do that. Chloe as really settled in she as hated this weekend because she knows she as only got 3 days at school because of voting
They have another day off