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Sep 13, 2004
Hey does anyone know any good pretty loopy awesome texts that i can download and add to the collection? because we have a crappy selection =|

and also how do i add it to text? im presuming once i add it in microsoft word it doest eh same to photoshop? i just dont remmeber how to get it inot word
As I'm at work, I can't search engine.... but go onto Google and type in font or something like that, download it and put the file into your fonts folder on your hard drive.... I don't have access to a hard drive as my work's pc is limited.

It will appear in all your programmes then.

Bubbles should be on later, hopefully he can advise you a bit better.
if you go to http://www.1001freefonts.com/

you can browse them by letter or whatever.. find all the nice ones you like and do as snowbaby said.. goto: C:\WINDOWS\FONTS and drag the files that you've downloaded and unzipped into it or copy and paste whatever you preffer..
its as easy as that.. and thats about the best site i've found for fonts there is other ones but they all seem to be on that site anyways

ps.. you should watch the size of your sig as its way over the limit that is explained in the board rules and is kinda stretching the forum
Me looks at other peoples sig spaces and starts

toodle pip
Cheers bubbles for the site!

and yeah it seems since im not admin i cant edit our fonts in word
must kill Xav for that grrrr!!

heh.. sorry =| i hadnt read them since my sig used to have atiny pic, thanks for the heads up though *goes aboot it*