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Teen Stress

whoa! no fair lol! if i yell at my "mum" its deep deep DEEP trouble heh ^^;; two aquarius' not a big enough house lol.. =NOT GOOD!
Music is my main form of stress release, that and crying. Seriously, if it wasn't for my extensive collection of music I would be dead right now... (well maybe not literally.) Plus I'm the kind of person that gets upset about the tiniest things so I often find myself coming home from school and just having a nice long cry. I do hate that about myself as well though, how much I cry, it's really quite pathetic.
Seriously though, listening to music is a great stress release. And so many different kinds as well...metal, alternative, easy listening, happy music and all have their place for all different moods. Music is the most wonderful thing in the world.
Ok so im past the teenage years, but what catrat posted up there, i can totally relate to.

I have listened to music for as long as I can remember in order to de-stress. And I definately understand what u mean about being upset, I get upset at silly wee things.... like even though u change the bulb in a pretty lamp, it still wont bloody work!!Or u go to the bank and u have MUCH less pennies that u had thought!!!


S'ok though...... we have Girl Power to come and rant and get support from u guys!!!
yeah, Girl Power is great. Even while I'm on the comp though, I have iTunes running on party shuffle so music is playing the whole time, it's almost like I can't deal without it.
Crying sucks, I hate it.
Crying does suck yes, but it's a way for your mind/body to release stress.... so when put like that, its a good thing
Eh, sorry to ressurect this old thread but I find it interesting and would like to make a reply.

The truth is that I have quite a bunch of ways to destress and calm. The most common thing is listen to music, from New Age (similar to classic music, but from modern artists) to Rock. Another really nice way to calm is keyboard typing. If you type in a steady tempo for a bit (and I don't mean typing like crazy, or in the way of "Hey, where's G? WHERE IS IIIIT?") you will see it's quite relaxing. A nice game that can help you in that is Typer Shark Deluxe.

Playing chess with opponent is another way that works for me. (Luckily I have a PDA device, which is always willing to play against me

But sometimes I was not in mood for doing anything..
to relieve stress i would:

.dont wait till the last minute to do things
.say no sometimes (dont do everything peaple say) but this doesnt mean saying no to your parents if they tell you to go to the shops etc as they would get mad
.spend some time on your own
.spend time with one of your pet(if you have one) i find that it works a lot
.go out and spend time with friends
.talk to someone about your problems (it can take a lot of stress of your hands and you will find you feel a lot better)