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Jul 4, 2005
Hey i dont have a boyfriend right now does anyone know a chat websites like for teens hard time finding one here in Michigan Theyr boring here lol
ya it is all of my friends have so if u guys can help please
Sorry VoLcOm, I haven't a clue.

Though, just because all your friends have a boyfriend, doesn't mean you need one. Then again, I guess that's easy for me to say when only one of my close friends has a boyfriend.

Guys are really not that important (unless you've found one who you love and adore with all your heart in which case they are lifeblood - though I think it unlikely that you'd find your lifeblood at 12
. Good on ye if you do
If at the age of 12, I had wanted a boyfriend I think mum would have grounded me and sent me to my room for even suggesting it, maybe you should just relax and concentrate on having kid-fun!
volcom, i am 16 years old, i've have:
never had a boyfriend
never been kissed
never even been asked out.

and i'm happy as a squirrel in a tree. it does get lonely sometimes, but i have lotsa guy mates who are willing to give me a hug if i need it (some of them are real hotties too
, anyway, enough about that...) but it's kickass being single. you get to flirt with who you want, when you want. trust me on ths one, i've been flirting with loads of people since i was your age
Originally posted by Princess Pyro@Jul 31 2005, 12:12 AM
and i'm happy as a squirrel in a tree.
I love that Pyro! AWW youre gorgeous hun!

Yeal vol, dont worry hun, just relax and have fun at youre age seriously, you dont need the added pressures of boys at your age!

Boys are very complicated. You don't want that right now. Really. I have 17 and 18yr old friends saying "OMG BOYS SUCK" so you should just postpone that feeling for as long as possible
If I tell you that I had my first boyfriend at around the age of 20(ish), does it make you feel any better??

There's absolutely nothing wrong in waiting..... until:

1. you feel ready
2. the timing is right

Don't rush!!! You're wisihing your life away! Just relax, live and enjoy!!!

i made out to some of my girlfriends at school that i lost my virginity at school at 12 because everybody else said that they had, actually didn't loose it until I was 15. I found out after leaving school that I wasn't the only one who told a white lie

Don't rush anything you dont have many years to be a kid and loads of being a boring adult and having boyfriend troubles