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Sweet/Candy Quiz!!!!


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Sep 10, 2004
Hello :wave2: How about a Sweet/Candy Quiz???

I give you a slogan..... you tell me the sweet/candy.... SIMPLE!!!!

*** Copy the following into a PM to me.... add your answers, and send!!!

<span style="color:deeppink">
  • 1. Made to make your mouth water
    2. All because the lady loves...
    3. Taste the rainbow
    4. have a break, have a...
    5. thank ... it's Friday (and no, it's not f*ck
    6. It's not for girls
    7. How do you eat yours?
    8. who would you give your last one to?
    9. A ... a day, helps you work, rest and play
    10. The light snack between meals
    11. A finger of ... is just enough to give your kids a treat
    12. Full of eastern promise
    13. A taste of paradise
    14. A glass and a half in every half pound
    15. Chocolates with the less fattening centres

Ok, get to it... tell me what sweet each of these slogans relate to....... remember... PM your answers to me!!

You have until Midnight on Sunday 24th April (UK time) to get your answers to me. I'll post the results on here.... let's have fun ladies... oh and mannies
Well, well, I'd like to thank all (2) of you for your entries to the quiz and to tell you all that we have a clear winner....


Well Done missy!!!