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Student Midwife


New Member
Sep 11, 2004
Just wanted to let you all know -I am now officially a Student Midwife - whoooopeeeee! Start my trainin on 12 September at Hull Uni and i'm glad to be back on here!

Cara xx
Congrats Cara,

I'd love to study to be a midwife as well, but with lack of help with the kids it doesn't look promising.

I think pregnancy and birth are such a beautiful time and to be part of what is mostly a happy ending would be great.
tis good to be back and mi typin would be a darn site better if mums cat would stop climbing all over me!

Sorry bin away along time - trying to sort home phone out so can be back more often!

Anyway now's i'm back i can start giving you all me useless information and talking out mi bum again!

As for kids - i'm a single mum to a 3 yr old - if i can do it and it's really what you want to do Tia then so can you!

Take care y'awl!