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Sorry I Have Not Been Around.


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Sep 15, 2004
I found a large lump behind my right ear over the weekend that is very painful.

I went to the doctors yesturday and she has no clue what it is.She even phoned the Ear,Nose and Throat Dept at the local hospital to describe it over the phone to the specialist there...he is puzzled by it as well.

I have to go for an appointment tomorrow morning(at 9am)so he can look at it for himself

I am scared about going...I hate hospitals more than anything in the world.

You'll be fine Aggie, try not to worry about it too much.

And welcome back, we missed you LOTS

don't apologise. You just make sure you take care of yourself and come back and tell us that you are okies. I'm sure you'll be just fine
Thanks guys... :flower4u:

Went to the hospital...was called in 20 minutes late(even though my appointment was the first of the day

Was poked and prodded...and then told that the doctor didn't know what is wrong with me either...I have just got to wait to see if the antibiotics work...if they don't,then I have to go to see my own doctor(who is off this week)

I'll keep you posted.