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Sep 11, 2004
in my own world mostly
OK, spill ! What did you get and was there anything that you particularly loved or hated?

I got.......

A cafetiere (with yummy coffee)
A graphics tab for the puter
A reindeer mug....complete with fluffy reindeer
A new microwave
perfume (which unfortunately has an aroma not dissimilar to cat pee.....but it's the thought that counts lol)

Snowy got........

loads of yummy bubble baths
2 sets of Pyjamas (YEY thisty....Sunday Jammies!!!)
Luverly cosy cardigan
cuddly ted from my fiance :grinlove:
Eeyore socks
biscuits, choccies, belgian choccies, quality street, truffles, likkle crunchies YUMMY!!
clothes, clothes and more clothes

Snowy was most definately spoilt rotten :D
I got Lilo & Stitch the collectors edition,
Clothes from Dave
(o0ooh yeah i have a black 80's style white polka-dotted mini skirt!!!)
and a dress from mum and dad
$30 body shop voucher
earrings from my lil sis
and i got myself two pairs of shoes :rolleyes:
what did you all get this year?

i got:
books (yay!)
some tops (i'll get some pics ASAP)
an MP3 player (*dances happily*)
a really cool thing called a Chicken Chucker (I'll get a pic of that too
a snowglobe

and a CD by Simon Tedeschi (he's a pianist, and a sexy one at that.... *loves guys who play piano* )

I got a lovely cosy fluffy purple dressing gown, a radio cassette player, tigger diary, chocs, Bridget Jones 2 book, Now 62 CD and teddy with bubble bath from Stewart. Stewart's parents bought us blinds for our living room and also got me a gorgeous jacket, I love it!!! I got Cool water perfume, lots of bath things, ummm... I forget now!! I was SOOOOO spoilt. And I get to do it all again tmor when I go to mum's

you all
Jenna got...

A big beautiful bonsai tree for my room,
A big bottle of Fantasy by Britney Spears,
A ticket to goldclass cinemas (its a cinema with only 6 chairs, that are recliner, and you get served champers with a 3 course meal and slippers (from my mummy and dave got one too!)
A playstation-like controller for my laptop
A set of make up bags,
A Roxy purple bag,
A necklace from Dave's sister Steph
A $30 shopping voucher
A set of scented body milks and bath lotions
A pack of vanilla body lovin from the body shop
A candle and soap aromatherapy set with cocoa body butter
A pack of underwear from my aunty <_< lol gee thanks

A roxy top
A photo frame from my nannying family

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd a beautiful padlock necklace from David!

I am spoilt!