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Song Of The Week...


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Sep 10, 2004
Hello!! :wave2:

Ok, how about a "song of the week" award!!!!!!!!

How it works? Each week I will nominate one of you to recommend a song for us to download, listen to and rate.

So this week I recommend <span style="color:deeppink">Meatloaf's "Paradise By The Dashboard Lights" (it's a long song)

So go download it and give it a rating between one and ten..... (one is worst, ten is best)</span>
Cos ur filthyyyyyyy...... ooooh ur gorgeous.... cos ur filthy..... ooooh ur gorgeous..... ur disgusting..... ooooh and ur nasty

It smells like the sweat of ten hunky men standing in a norweigan forrest covered in peanut butter.. it tastes like the zest of 10 lemons with the sweatness of a bag of sugar.. yes thats right folks its Scissor Sisters - Filthy / Gorgeous with the sound of 20 angelic blonde haired nymphs.. I give it 8-10 because its filthy and gorgeous..

2 marks removed cause it aint me singing it
... how about you do this week's Gersgirl?

Let's change the rules a bit... anyone can nominate a song for us.... go for it!!!
i think i will pick Akon__ Lonely
i love the song i think its quite catchy
i heard it when i was holiday my friend ashley had it on his computer he likes it too
i give it 9/10
Jem its just a ride its one of my favorite songs out lately gets turned up full blast when it comes on or when I put it on the computer Kyle sings at the top of his voice and Chloe dances all around the living room
HeHe.. its well.. a quite a good song.. if not a little rude... but it something i would sing at the weekend if was still a hussy.. anyhoo.. i give it a big.. 9/10

Now.. i'll choose a song hehe. will i choose something old strange or new and pretty much on the level oh decisions decisions..

Ok.. "James Blunt - Goodbye My Lover" ooo.. this song sends shivers up my spine hehe.

ps. if you dont know who he is or aint ever heard of him.. send me a pm or something.. and i'll upload it somewhere or send you it in a email or something lol