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!!! Soap Quiz !!!

Discussion in 'Fun Time' started by Snowbaby, May 11, 2005.

  1. Snowbaby

    Snowbaby Active Member

    Hello :wave2:

    How about a soap quiz to get our brains into gear? PM me your answers and we'll see how you all go. Can I request you all try very hard NOT to use search engines to find the answers please? Just to make it fair!!

    <span style="color:purple">
    • 1. What is the name of the pub in Eastenders?
      2. In which real-life city is Hollyoaks set?
      3. In Neighbours, what was the name of the Kennedy family's pet sheep?
      4. William J. Bell created which two soaps?
      5. In which year was Coronation Street first broadcast?
      6. In which American soap would you have found the character Angela Channing?
      7. Norman Coburn played which character in Home & Away?
      8. What was the first ever soap opera to appear on Channel 5?
      9. Name the characters that Emily Symmons played in both Home & Away and Emmerdale
      10. As at 2004, which actor is the only member of the original "Coronation Street" cast who is still in the show?

    Ok guys, let's have your answers. I will give you until 5pm Sunday 15th May 2005 (UK time) to get your answers to me.

    Good luck!!!</span>
  2. Snowbaby

    Snowbaby Active Member

    Just out of interest... Do you guys want a quiz?

    Last quiz I got 2 entries, this quiz I got.... none. [​IMG]
  3. Snowbaby

    Snowbaby Active Member

    It might help if i actually opened the topic so you can reply [​IMG] So guys, what you think?
  4. gersgirl14

    gersgirl14 New Member

    yeah i like quizes but if i get stuck at a question i just go back
    dont watch a lot of tv
  5. fastchaz36

    fastchaz36 New Member

    I only watch eastenders snowy that why i did not enter this one [​IMG]

    You said not to search so i knew i would not get many right.Little honest me [​IMG]

    I knew my chocolate though [​IMG]
  6. Snowbaby

    Snowbaby Active Member

    [​IMG] Ok then, tell me what topics you want a quiz on and I'll do one.

    I'm gonna do a Disney one first... that ought to catch everyone's attention (hopefully)!!
  7. Bubbles

    Bubbles New Member

    General Knowledge [​IMG]
  8. Snowbaby

    Snowbaby Active Member

    Any other quiz subject requests? I'll post a Disney one tmor to get yer brains in gear!!!

    Let me know of any topics, ok? How about a big bro from the past years? Anything else??

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