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Snowy On "you've Been Framed"


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Sep 10, 2004
So.... Stewart and I went out for dinner last night for his birthday. Lovely food. Then went for a few drinks afterwards. We had a really great evening.

Arrived home to find a HUGE spider on the living room wall (thisty will vouch for this)... squished the spider.... *ahhhhh* all is well again.

Off to bed I toddled at midnight, Stewart came to bed around 1am. I woke up at 2am to hear the sound of a thousand trains passing.... ok so it was my luverly baby snoring

So I hopped out of bed and went through to the spare room. Climed into bed again, *ahhhhhh* this is heaven... Lying in the darkness I heard this rustling noise.... hmmmm must be a daddy long legs....

Curled up and was nodding off to sleep..... *rustle rustle*...... ok WHAT IS THAT???

Out of bed, on with the light, nothing.... then *rustle rustle*, ok so it's inside this cardboard box. Armed with stewart's shoe, I pulled out the box, nothing.... Pulled a carrier bag out of the box.... nothing.... *rustle rustle*.... ok it's in the wrapping paper....

Pulled out the wrapping paper and a BIG HUGE SPIDER ran accross the floor.... bare in mind I'm stood there in minimal clothes...!!!!!! It shot under the boxes in the other corner. OH FFS!!!!!!!

As any woman knows, there is NO WAY one can sleep in a room that you KNOW has a spider in it. There was nothing left to do but grab the duvet and slog it out on the (leather) sofa for the remainder of the night.

Anyone ever tried to sleep on a leather sofa whilst wearing minimal clothing???? It just aint happening!!!!!

Needless to say, I'm rather
this morning!!!!

How is everyone else?? oh, and lay the hugs on me, I've had a traumatic night...
aww snowy im so soory, but to be honest im still wiping the tears away, the way you told it was hilarious! FFS!!

I remember hearing some weird noise at some point, I figured it was a mouse or someething.....

Could of been that spider.... hopefully it wasnt one that stowed away in my bag
You really did hear a noise when you stayed?? It would have been that little *BLEEP* then. It was in the box beside the bed.

Did you really really hear it??? We aint got mousey's btw... they liked jam.... *SNAP* they gone now
Yes i really heard a noise, which i wondered if was a mouse....

But me being me, I didn't care.... lol