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Sleeping Arrangements.


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Nov 10, 2004
Just thought I'd ask people on their views.

Our youngest gets brought into our bed when we're ready to go to sleep. It saves having to get up in the night to her and usually she sleeps later in the morning.

She is put in her own bed for day naps and at night and puts herself to sleep, so it's not a sleep problem it's just easier this way.

What about others experiences?
Both our boys have always had their own rooms ever since they were born (even though we had to trail down the landing to see to them), its easier that way because it keeps our room for us and it doesn't become another playroom for the kids. Joel will come and get in our bed sometimes if he can't sleep
My baby cousin has a bassinet that connects to my aunts bed(her mom). Its really neat, and keeps the baby from getting suffocated, but she is still in close range.
As i lived with mum n dad for the first year and a half after Tasha was born and there wasn't alot of room in my bedroom she slept with me from the start - i tried her cot but she just used to bang her arms and legs around in it and i never got any sleep and neither did she.

So she slept on my chest for several weeks until she got too heavy and then she slept on one side of my double bed with me at the other - made breast feeding easier too.

However as soon as we moved into our new home tasha got her own room and contrary to my fears of her not sleeping unless with me she's slept every night bar a couple from 7pm until 7am every night.

I don't recommend baby in bed for every parent - depends on situation and habits. Heavy smoking parents shouldn't sleep with their babies or if you've had alcohol - i don't drink or smoke so i considered my risk level to be lower than some. It is said that parens that smoke/drink have a higher risk due to deeper sleeping and less awareness.

But again every baby is different some babies take to their cots immediately whilst others hate them from day one.
All three of mine co-slept from birth till somewhere between 2 and 3...after that, they had their own beds in their own rooms, and only came to our bed when they had nightmares or were sick.
Wow, what an old topic, well anyway the boys still have their own rooms, and so does Eden. We have a bedroom which is right next to ours, and we've used it as a nursery everytime, so shes in there atm. The boys have their own rooms but we are looking at them sharing when this baby arrives. Its either that or converting the garage or loft, which could be expensive.
Alex sleeps with me in our room his moses basket is right next to my side. I have now bought him a cot because he is getting too big for basket and put that in my room too.

I am just not ready for him to be in another room on his own, I would be far too nervous.