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Six pack or Flab


New Member
Jan 25, 2005
What do you lot prefer?

I used to have almost a sixpack but being a boxer theres not many exercises for the abs, the focus is on the whole body. Now i broke my arm, looks like i will lose all that, but ill get it back. So, what do you girls prefer?
six pack is very sexy

But not that bothered if my man as got a six pack as long as hes not a fat lazy slob like my last partner turned into

Alot of men think they can have a good body and thats it
You have to have a good personality too and know how to treat a woman

I can't stand when blokes with nice bodies where really tight clothes to show it off

Us ladies can tell without that if you have got a good body no need to flaunt it

you'd Just looks like you love yourself