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Sisters Pregnant At 12, 14 And 16.


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Sep 10, 2004
Three sisters have each had children while still at school, the youngest at the age of 12.

Jemma, Jade and Natasha Williams, who receive benefits totalling more than £31,000 a year, are raising their babies alone after they became pregnant within three months of each other.

The sisters, aged 12, 14 and 16 when they gave birth, live in Derby with their twice-divorced mother, who holds the education system responsible for their plight.

"I blame the schools - sex education for young girls should be better," said Julie Atkins, 38. "More and more kids are getting pregnant younger and younger and sex education needs to start a lot earlier.

"If I could turn the clock back I would definitely prefer them to not have children as their education is so important. They've all ruined their lives because they are all too young to have children."

Jemma, the youngest sister, was the first to become pregnant, giving birth to her son T-Jay in February last year. Then, in November, Natasha, 16, who had already had two miscarriages and an abortion, had Amani. The next month, Jade, 14, gave birth to daughter Lita.

Jemma and Jade, who is about to take her GCSEs, are still in school.

The family lives rent-free in a three-bedroom council house, which they claim is too cramped. Their mother claims benefit for Jade and Jemma, now 15, as well as for their children. However, she said that day-to-day life was a struggle.

"It's really difficult to survive on what we have," she said. "My average shopping bill is £90 a week, and then there's all that extra stuff like toys, nappies and medicine.

"The house is far too small. I have to share a bedroom with Natasha and Amani which is very cramped. Hopefully we may be able to get a bigger house, but who knows?"

Mrs Atkins, who had her first child at 20, said she was astonished that her daughters had become pregnant so young. "It just doesn't seem possible," she said.

"I was so shocked when I found out about Jemma. She thought I would hit the roof and didn't tell me for seven months. I only found out when I took her to buy a new bra and as she was being measured I saw her huge bump."

Jemma said: "I didn't tell anyone because I was too scared and didn't know what to do. I only told my boyfriend, who was 14 at the time, but I didn't want to have an abortion.

"He was my first love. He was great to start with, but he's got a new girlfriend now. I was so frightened when I went into hospital to have my baby. It was so painful and I was in labour for three days."

Jade said she had been determined not to do the same, after seeing all the dirty nappies and her sister enduring sleepless nights. But she became pregnant after "a one-night stand".

She said: "It was just one of those things really. I wasn't using contraception and I suppose I just thought it wouldn't happen to me."

Natasha said her pregnancy, while unplanned, had pleased her. "I don't really want to be anything but a full-time mum," she said.

The father, 38, came to see the child "from time to time", but "he's Asian and still lives with his parents, so they don't know about me or Amani".

What do you guys think? I think for the mum to blame the school is very unfair. In my opinion, it's a parent's responsibilty to instill good knowledge about sex and relationships, and this should be backed up by school education.

I'm pretty sure we had this discussion on another thread, and Merlin had very valid points.

I know, regardless of what information teens have, there are still going to be those who fall pregnant at an early age. It will happen, and nothing can be done to stop that. But there is no excuse for not educating them, no matter how difficult a parent may find it.... there are plenty books etc.
I agree with you Snowy. YES schools have a responsibility to educate kids about sex but at the end of the day, it's down to the parents.......the buck stops with them. THEY chose to have kids so they also choose to educate them properly ad not pass the buck when something goes wrong.

AND OMG ! did I read that right? The father of one of these babies is 38????? What the HELL is a 38 year old man doing with a child? that's just sick, he should be in jail.

That's what I initially thought too, why a 38yr old is with someone so young. I'm not against age gaps, but these are kids
OMG! I am shocked at reading this!!
how can the mother blame the school! at the end of the day it's her fault, the way I see it, yes some girls get pregnant young but to have all 3 of her girls get pregnant within 3 months of each other! that just takes the mick!
Why didnt the mother make sure the other 2 girls were better educated in the fact that they will ruin their lives so young... Now I'm not being funny but the 16 yr old already had 2 miscarriages and an abortion! what does that tell you?!? All it tells me is the mother should have made sure that all the girls were on the pill if they were so obviously sexually active!!

I am very shocked....
The mum has to take on part of the blame.

And the 38yr old, if not charged he should at least be hit with child care costs.