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Sign Language


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Sep 10, 2004
Extraordinary Benefits result when you teach Sign Language to your hearing Baby.

Infants are born with an instinctive need to communicate. But learning to talk takes time - plus it requires the type of motor skills that babies only begin to master around their first birthday. Studies have shown that while babies may lack the motor skills, they do have the ability to understand and use language well before they can speak. And given the right guidance, they have much to say - with their hands!

Until recent years, sign language was used as a method of communicating only with the hearing impaired. Research now shows us that signing is also an effective way to communicate with hearing babies. And even more remarkably, signing enables babies to “talk” back.

Research has shown that babies who sign are less frustrated since they have a way of expressing their wants and needs. Simply put, they cry less.

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I learnt sign language in high school. It's a fantastic means of communication with deaf and hearing people/children.